3 Tips For Accessorizing A Black Prom Dress

3 Tips For Accessorizing A Black Prom Dress

Dressing up, taking photos, and dancing all night are all essential in making prom one of the most memorable evenings of your high school life. You’ve been dreaming up a dazzling look for years, waiting for your prom night to arrive. Now that it’s approaching quickly, you have finally chosen a stunning black gown for the event.

A black dress is a classic piece which will make you look both glamorous and polished, but it can be tricky to accessorize.

Because black prom dresses are a sophisticated statement on their own, it’s easy to overpower them with flashy accessories and too many colors. Fortunately, with the right pieces, you can look perfectly elegant on this magical night. These simple tips will help you select jewelry, shoes, and a bag that will turn heads.

Choose simple jewelry

One of the best rules you can follow when accessorizing a black dress is to focus on clean lines. Your dress should be the focus of your look, so select accessories that accentuate the garment’s most interesting features.

For example, if your dress has an elegant strapless neckline, wear a thin necklace that falls just under your collar bone. This will highlight the shape of the bodice without outshining it. If the neckline is more decorative, skip the necklace and choose dangling earrings instead.

When picking out jewelry, it’s also important to stick with small stones or simple metallic pieces. Balance is key while accessorizing, so opt for a simple band bracelet if your necklace has stones. Many stylists will recommend choosing no more than two accessories for formal events, adding detail and balance to a dress.

Add one statement accessory

Looking to add a bit more personality to your black dress? There are plenty of ways to do this, but make sure that you stick with one statement piece. Otherwise, you could risk outshining the style of the dress itself.

A bold statement necklace or decorative earrings could be a great addition to a strapless gown. If you’re wearing a shorter dress, a pair of red shoes can add a sassy touch. You may also choose to keep your outfit simple and make your hair stand out, adding an elegant clip or bold braided look. For a little extra glam, try a sparkling headband or simple tiara. If you feel like a princess at prom, you might as well look like one too.

Remember that your makeup can also act as an accessory. Try keeping accessories simple while opting for a bold lip. Darker eye makeup can also add some boldness and mystery to your style. It’s all about how you want to express yourself.

Match your bag

With all of the emphasis on your hair, dress, shoes and jewelry, it’s easy to select a bag at the last minute. However, this piece is just as essential to your ensemble as the other accessories. There are several ways that you can match a small bag or clutch to your outfit. You may consider selecting a bag that matches the metal of your jewelry. This creates a cohesive look and keeps your dress at the center. You can also select a complimentary fabric like dark red velvet or black silk. For picture’s sake, also make sure that your nails compliment your bag by choosing a contrasting polish color.

As you plan your hairstyle, purchase the perfect shoes and curate your jewelry, remember to keep your personal style at the center. Whether you are edgy or classic, you can find personal touches that make your look all your own. By doing so, you can feel confident as you pose for photos and dance with your friends.

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