A Guide to Men’s Scarves from Splash Store UAE

A Guide to Men’s Scarves from Splash Store UAE

Scarves are a rectangular piece of cloth that is usually popular among the female gender. However, you will be fascinated to know that men can sport a scarf very well too. For many men, scarves an important part of their military and uniform, such as the army of china wear them. Some men might find scarves too feminine, which is completely wrong. It all depends upon the right colors and designs to choose from and how to style it. You will find a large variety of men scarves at Splash and with the help of Splash coupon code you can get them at a discounted price.

Making the Right Choice

It’s a fact that women have more variety in scarves than men. If you’re on a scarf shopping hunt online at Splash, uncheck all the scarves which have prints and designs on them such as the floral prints, scenery prints, animal prints. And also uncheck bright colors such as neon blue, neon, pink, magenta, burgundy and other similar bright and cold colors. If you have laid your eyes on perhaps a plain and simple scarf, make sure no pompoms are hanging from the fridges and don’t have any embroidery on the sides. Go for the ones which have only one color, for these you can head over to women section too, there’s no shame in that. Just make sure to use the Splash coupon code to get a discount. The size should not be very big, it should be just right to hang around your neck and to tie it too.

Wearing It Is Easy

Wearing a scarf is very easy and doesn’t involve any sort of rocket science in it. Make sure your scarf is simple, in one color and is not as big as the one woman would like to carry. The first and the most common way in which you can wear a scarf are by hanging it around your neck. You can pair this style with a long trench coat in the winter season along with ankle-length boots in footwear. Another way to style your men’s scarf is through a loose loop around your neck. Tie a loose knot on one end and then pull it through the knot. Make sure to keep the knot loose, consider it as a scarf, not a necktie. Make sure to use the Splash coupon code so that you can match other accessories with your scarf while staying in the budget.

Fashion and Protection

Apart from fashion, the scarf also has many important functions in the men’s wardrobe. For example, during the harsh winter weather, it is very much recommended that men tie warm woolen scarves around their neck areas to keep their necks warmer. And in case you’re in the hot weather of UAE and going in through the Dubai safari, then it is recommended to tie a scarf of soft linen material to keep the heat away. You may find many men also sporting these scarves on their heads as bandanas in Dubai’s hot weather. Use Splash coupon code and get amazing soft linen scarves at low prices for the summer season.

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