Garner Iowa Homes For Sale – Reasons Why Garner Iowa Is the Perfect Place For Young Families To Live

Garner Iowa Homes For Sale – Reasons Why Garner Iowa Is the Perfect Place For Young Families To Live

Garner, Iowa is an amazing place to live. Many factors make Garner the perfect town for young families: affordable housing prices, a low crime rate, and plenty of recreational opportunities. This is just the beginning.

If you want to live in a town with great schools that your kids can walk or bike to, shops and restaurants on every corner where you know most people’s names, then Garner is the place for you. Read on to find out why this small Iowa town is your new home!

The Low Cost Of Living In Garner

Garner is a small town with a population of just under two thousand people. It’s perfect for young families looking to live in a place that has affordable housing prices. The cost of living in Garner is slightly lower than the national average. Those who work in Garner also have the benefit of being close to bigger cities.

This low cost of living means there are tons of opportunities for residents to save money. If you’re interested in starting a family or adding more children to your family, this low cost of living will be an important factor when it comes time to buy a Garner Iowa homes for sale.

The Low Crime Rate

Garner is a town with a low crime rate. This is a huge factor for young families as it ensures their safety. With only one burglary per year, Garner is one of the safest small towns in Iowa.

The schools in Garner are also highly ranked and located within walking distance. Most people know each other, which makes it easy to make new friends or find help when you need it.

The cost of living is also affordable and there are many restaurants and shops on every corner that people know by name. All these factors make Garner an ideal place to live for young families looking for a safe and inviting community.

Great Schools

Garner has some of the best schools in Iowa. Our town is a ‘home-rule’ city which means that we get to make our own decisions about how our schools are run. The quality of education in Garner is great and students have many options. Students can attend public school, homeschool, or private school without paying any tuition!

The small-town feel of our community also extends to the school system. This isn’t like big city life where kids are bussed all over the place. Here at Garner, they walk or bike to their local school and they know their classmates very well. There are also lots of opportunities for after-school activities which helps keep kids busy and engaged.

Good Restaurants And Shops

Garner has a whole town of shops and restaurants. Garner is home to the County Seat, which houses the courthouse and jail, and there are dozens of restaurants and stores along the main street. From locally-owned cafes to big-box retailers, Garner offers a wide variety of shops for every need.

Additionally, many of the best restaurants in all of Iowa are located in Garner. Garner also has a small-town feel with its welcoming residents who know each other’s names as you walk down the sidewalk. This sense of community creates an environment that people love to call home!

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