Get Higher IVF Success With 3 Scientifically Assured Ways

Get Higher IVF Success With 3 Scientifically Assured Ways

Gone are the days when childless couples had to compromise with their dreams of becoming parents as due to advanced female infertility treatment, it is possible for women to get pregnant even after menopause. Even science has invented sufficient methods for male infertility treatment.

Successful procedures like IVF can make dream come true of the intended parents who were deprive from the God’s best shower of babies. However the success ratio of IVF procedure depends on various factors like patient’s age, medical history, infertility problem and of course experience of the IVF doctor but now medical science has claimed 3 assured and proven ways that can boost up the success ratio of IVF by many folds

Boost up your diet chart to Mediterranean diet

Studies have shown that by following Mediterranean diet patient can double their chances of getting pregnant after IVF procedure. As the studies have proven that this diet can be beneficial if taken by both partners as to eat like Mediterranean people can help you to lose weight and have good health and even it can improve semen quality of men so the chances of IVF pregnancy can be increased however the studies have shown the success results for females less than 35 years.

What Mediterranean diet includes

  • Eat plenty of unprocessed vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds and fruits
  • Take whole wheat bread, pasta and other grains on daily basis along with freash greens and fruits
  • Say bye to sugary drinks and sweets and you can take red wine with dinner
  • Add milk products, olive oil, poultry items and food flavored with herbs and spices
  • There are also many other dieting habits to add in your chart that you can add by taking advice from your IVF doctor.

Fill yourself with vitamin D

Studies have shown that deficiency of vitamin D lower down the ratio of live birth rates in females so can also lower the success ratio of IVF. Vitamins play vital role in cell proliferation, metabolic processes and stimulation of hormones synthesis so intake of enough vitamin D can raise the success ratio by 3 folds.

Sunlight is the greatest source for vitamin D so you must be exposed to sun with uncovered legs, arms and other body parts. Apart from this you can add Vitamin D enriched food in your meals like Ultraviolet irradiated yeast, mushrooms, fish liver oils, oily fish, egg yolks, liver, yogurts and plant based milk etc.

Acupuncture may hit the deal

Studies have proven that women taking IVF along with acupuncture have 6% more chances of getting pregnant. Acupuncture supports claim that this treatment stimulates blood circulation towards the uterus and increase the chances for the survival of fertilized ovum. even this treatment also boost up the production of neurotransmitters and helps in cervix relaxing which is further beneficial for the embryo transfer.

Hence it is highly advisable for the women who are intending to take IVF to find the best IVF center in India and acupuncture therapy center so that he could get both the practices from the best sources and her chances for being mother can increase up to great extent.

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