SPLUNK For Security

SPLUNK For Security

San Francisco based SPLUNK Inc. is a global IT giant engaged in the business of producing software that is utilised to search monitor and analyse machine-generated big data through a web-based interface. SPLUNK has regional operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

SPLUNK has many products for security which include

  1. SPLUNK Enterprise Security
  • Helps to combat threats with actionable intelligence and advanced analytics
  • Reduces time to detect by ingesting any machine data for full visibility to quickly identify any malicious threats.
  • Streamlines investigations by investigating activities with a potential for security incidents.
  • Rapid response by quickly responding using automated actions and workflows.
  1. SPLUNK User Behaviour Analytics
  • Helps users to detect threats and unusual behaviour utilising machine learning
  • Uses advanced threat detection to find any strange and unknown hidden risks which can be missed by traditional security tools.
  • Ensures higher productivity with automatic stitching of numerous anomalies into a single threat.
  • Speeds up accurate threat detection.
  1. SPLUNK Insights for Ransomware
  • It is a comprehensive approach to address the risk of ransomware.
  • Quickly assesses the risk of ransomware.
  • Enables faster, streamlined investigation of possible ransomware attacks
  • Reduces detection to response time drastically.
  1. Phantom
  • Automates repetitive task to multiple security teams efforts and better focus on mission-critical decisions.
  • Strengthens defences by integrating existing security infrastructure with existing infrastructure to enable each part to participate actively in an organisations defence strategies.
  • Automated detection and investigation reduce response times drastically.

Olu Campbell one of the most well-knownSPLUNK Architectsand also is aBigdata SME having extensive experience in cybersecurity, cloud management, Internet of Things, System architecting, and Artificial Intelligence. Olu Campbellhas acted as a consultant for many corporationslike Apple, SAIC, Northrop Grumman etc. Olu Campbell is also currently servicing as a Sr. consultant at PARTIGARD where he has led many of big data, IoT and SPLUNK implementation projects.

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