The Story Behind Virat Kohli’s New Tattoo

Former Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli loves ink and it’s quite evident by various news reports. He recently got a new one before the Indian Premier League 2023. Fans have always been interested in the star player’s passion for body art, and this time around, his tattoo has a very important meaning. Sunny Bhanushali, a well-known tattoo artist who made the design, explained what Virat Kohli’s latest tattoo means and how it shows a deep part of his personality.

Significance of “King Kohli’s” New Tattoo 

Sunny Bhanushali, who started and owns Aliens Tattoo, was blown away when cricket hero Virat Kohli said he liked their work. Even though Virat was famous, he went to the studio with humility and a real appreciation for their work. 

On their busy profiles, they weren’t able to catch up shortly. But last month, Kohli contacted Bhanushali with a special demand: he wanted Bhanushali to cover up his old tattoo with another one that showed his faith and how everything is linked. 

Bhanushali put his heart and soul into making the detailed artwork because he knew how important the tattoo was to Virat Kohli. Every part was carefully made to be just right.

On the actual day of the tattoo session, the tattoo centre took extra safety measures and hired armed security guards to make sure everyone was safe. As the hours went by, Virat stayed completely absorbed in the experience. He was amazed by the style of “dot work” and how well each design elements fit together.

Virat Kohli’s Tattooing Procedure And Its Significance 

Virat Kohli‘s busy schedule necessitated splitting the tattooing procedure over two different sessions. At the first meeting, which took place in a studio in Mumbai, Virat spent six hours getting a tattoo. 

The second session was initially set up in the Bangalore studio and would last eight hours. Virat had a lot of patience during the long hours he spent getting inked. He never whined or showed signs of being tired.

After the tattoo imprint was completed, Virat Kohli glanced at the tattoo and to his surprise, the design came out to be pretty amazing and meaningful. It was a mere reminder of his spiritual journey and his deep link to something bigger than himself. The tattoo stood for the beginning of all things, the fact that all living things are connected, and the framework of life itself.


Virat Kohli‘s new tattoo shows a deeper side of his personality and shows how important self-expression is to him. It always reminds him of his spiritual journey and shows how deeply he feels connected to the world around him. Overall, Virat shared a part of his own story with his fans via this tattoo, leaving them moved by the power of important body art and the importance it can have in one’s life.

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