winter care

winter care

Winter shoes, like no other, require regular maintenance. From how soon you will clean it of dirt and dry it in time, its service life depends. If possible, it is advisable to buy two pairs of winter shoes. You can fully dry and treat the “injured” pair with shoe cosmetics, without prejudice to your exits to the street.

Before the first time to “bring” a new pair of shoes into the light, it must be treated with a water-repellent. Then external negative factors will be reflected in its condition minimally. While there are no scuffs and scratches, it is better to give preference to colourless means. In addition, to prevent quick wear of the shoes, it is advisable to put a rubber outsole on the leather sole.

If after the street the boots are very dirty and wet, do not leave them in this condition. Dirt should be washed off with ordinary running water. Excess water is removed with a soft cloth. The inside of the wet shoes should be filled with crumpled paper, newspaper. The paper absorbs moisture well and helps to maintain the correct shape (otherwise leather shoes may become deformed). In order for the shoes to dry thoroughly, it must dry for at least a day. This also applies to dry weather, as our feet also release fluid.

You can start shoes in Manhattan processing only after it has completely dried. Be careful that shoe care products are designed specifically for the material your shoes are made of. Shoe cream should be applied evenly. So that it is well absorbed into the leather and the seams need about 10 hours, only then a reliable protective film is obtained. If you apply the cream before going out, then it will simply be washed off the shoe surface, without any benefit.

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