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In order for Cannabis Light to maintain its potency over a long period of time, it is essential to store it carefully. If the buds are too dry, they risk compromising its quality. If they are too moist, mold may develop.

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First, your precious Buds must be treated properly. This is the first step to optimal storage. Treatment results in a weed with an ideal moisture level. Extracting excess moisture preserves the quality of the cannabis light, and prevents mold growth.

There is no foolproof method for storing Cannabis Light for long periods.

In addition, the length of storage depends on the personal habits of each consumer.


The ideal relative humidity (RH) for proper storage of Cannabis Light ranges between 55-62%. This level prevents the formation of mold, preserving the quality and integrity of the buds and the resin they contain. With an optimal ambient humidity value, the buds will be able to stay soft, aromatic and potent for months.

On the label of many long-life foods, you will notice the words “Store in a cool place out of sunlight.” The same is true for cannabis light . A cool area, a stable temperature and away from light is perfect for storing it. Light damages storage and the resulting heat can promote mold development.


Jars with airtight closures.

Make sure they are of good quality, with sturdy rubber seals. What you need is a container that preserves the integrity of the substance, not an aesthetically pleasing jar. The number one enemy of treated buds is air. Place a few carefully treated buds in the jar, without overfilling it. Then, close the lid tightly.

If you want, you can also purchase a humidifier. Designed specifically for Cannabis light, these devices maintain a constant humidity level over time.

Vacuum Sealing Pouches For Cannabis Light

These are what are used to store food. Depending on the size of the bag-sealing machine, you can vacuum-seal 50-1000g of Cannabis Light . This system removes all the air from the bag, a key aspect in preventing mold growth. Due to compression, the outward appearance of the buds may be slightly compromised, but flavors and aromas will remain intact. If treated properly and stored in a vacuum, Cannabis can last for a virtually unlimited period. Bags are often stored in the refrigerator or freezer for long-term use.

Vacuum Sealing Pouches for  Clothes

These bags are used primarily for clothes. Here the air is extracted through a vacuum cleaner. These bags are sturdier and have an airtight seal. The vacuum cleaner should be applied to an opening on the bag to suck out the air and keep the buds fresh for long periods. These larger, thicker bags are perfect for seasonal growers. A true cannabis enthusiast will be able to store several kilos, to be consumed over the course of twelve months. This method will also be perfect for those who use the products for medicinal purposes. Like the bags described above, these pouches can also be placed in the refrigerator or freezer.

Cannabis Compression

By pressing the buds inside molds until they become firm and compact like hashish bricks, you can store them indefinitely. Of course, you will need to wrap them carefully. The aesthetic appearance of the flowers will undoubtedly be compromised, but the potency of the herb will remain intact and last forever! You will only need to take pieces of it whenever you need them. The buds of some varieties will surprise you by regaining their fluffy appearance. Others, however, will remain solid and will need to be treated like hash.


When storing marijuana long-term, it is good to use some common sense:

  • Store Cannabis in cool places; avoid heat; keep it away from pipes, heaters, water heating systems, boilers, etc.;
  • Keep Cannabis in the dark;
  • Keep the environment clean. If you are handling a significant amount of Cannabis, you certainly do not want to contaminate it with spores and bacteria from outside. 
  • Make sure the bags and jars where you will be storing the buds are perfectly clean;
  • Dry the buds properly. Long-term storage depends mainly on how the freshly harvested herb is treated. The handling procedure is a fundamental art that every marijuana grower should perfect;
  • Use glass or glazed ceramic jars. Plastic promotes moisture buildup.
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