Crowdfunding to give girls free tuitions

Crowdfunding to give girls free tuitions

Irrespective of how far the world has progressed, education for women still remains a thing to be compromised on in most parts of India. Girls’ schools often do not have the amenities to teach science at the plus two level, the school dropout rates for girls remains high and many women are forced into marriage before they turn eighteen. All of this affects their performance at school where they may not be able to put in their 100% because of the pressures they work under. Sometimes they will be forced to miss school during sowing and harvesting seasons. In other cases, a girl student might just need some extra help with classes.

Education is the birthright of every individual. However, some individuals in our country have less of a birthright than other individuals. Girls, often killed before they are born, are considered sub-human and their education remains something of a choice for their fathers (often mothers are denied any say in the matter). Educating the girl child earns respect not for the girl, but for the girl’s father who is thought a great saint for having enrolled his daughter in a school which is already her fundamental right. Extra tuition classes for girl students are looked down on by families which feel threatened by women who get too educated for their comfort. Moreover, many fathers and families feel that there is no point in educating a girl as they consider her fit for only marriage. There are plenty of people who are fighting and assisting women access better education. If you are one of these people, and you want to provide women with free tutorials about the lessons taught at school, or for applying to various government jobs, you might want to get in touch with these activists. Crowdfunding India is a great way to bringing across this change. All you have to do is start a fundraiser on a suitable crowdfunding site. There are plenty of crowdfunding platforms in India. You need to choose one that suits your needs the best. For example, in this case you need to choose a platform that has experience in crowdfunding for education. Then you need to write a fundraiser for your effort. When you write your fundraiser, remember that you must be concise and drive across the point that you are doing this in order to make women more financially independent and to increase their appointment in the workforce.

There are ways in which you can make fundraising in India more attractive to contributors:

  1. Write down your adjective clearly.
  2. Make sure that you have drawn up a budget and this has been specified in the fundraiser.
  3. Make a video for your campaign and upload it to the fundraiser.
  4. Make sure that your contributors understand that you know what you are talking about.

Next you need to publicize your campaign. This you can do on social media or out of it. On social media, you can make your fundraiser popular and well-received. You can post it, share it and send it on messages. You need to identify the people who are likely to contribute and talk to them separately. Crowdfunding in India requires tenacity but it is low- risk and low investment. This is how crowdfunding works in India.

If you think your social media presence is not large enough, you can form a team and ask them to share your fundraiser. If you know anyone who is popular on social media, you can ask them to share your fundraiser. More than this, you can contact activists and NGOs over email and ask them to contribute to your venture. Remember whatever you do, you are accountable to your contributors. So it is of utmost importance that you regularly update them about the progress they are making.

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