Five relevant questions to ask before selecting a managed IT service provider

Five relevant questions to ask before selecting a managed IT service provider

As a manager of a company, you may have to deal with challenges in technology and may find yourself stuck between employees and the IT service provider. It is, therefore, imperative to ask relevant questions before selecting a managed IT service provider as it may save you from hassles, post obtaining the service.

How long is the company in business?

This critical question needs to be asked in the very first meeting. A satisfactory answer will ensure that your company is indeed in safe hands. The managed IT service provider should be a top rated Toronto IT support company – dynamix solutions with an excellent record of accomplishment. As such, experienced staff equipped with necessary resources can cater to your company’s needs.

Has the service provider worked with other companies in the same industry?

Your service provider needs to understand the use of technology in your business to be able to meet customer’s expectations and needs. They do not necessarily need to understand every aspect of the industry. However, they should be aware of niche-specific business challenges to provide relevant and concrete technological recommendations for your business.

What is the process for support request?

Technological support is one of the most crucial aspects of hiring managed IT service providers. The prospective providers should provide detailed information about the type of support (phone call or text), timeline and ways to know if a ticket that has been raised is addressed or not. Enquire about the certification level or the experience of customer care teams that will be handling your requests.

How does the provider handle technological mismanagement and disasters?

Disaster management is also an essential procedure of managed IT service providers. Enquire about the records of prospective providers in dealing with technological catastrophes to understand their strategy behind mitigating file loss and minimizing network failures. Ask about the action plans that they follow to help clients recover as fast as possible.

What are the services provided by the company?

One of the most common ways to measure the worthiness of a managed IT service provider is through the pricing of its services. However, experts feel that it is not the right parameter to judge a company’s ability in dispensing its services efficiently. This is because not all service providers are created equally. You may discover that even though a provider charges more, yet, it may yield a high return on investment through its additional services. Get a full list of services from the provider and ask for customized options that suit your business needs.

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