Georgia – why go and what to watch?

Georgia – why go and what to watch?

Picturesque peaks of the mountains, grape valleys, ancient Orthodox churches, picturesque Tbilisi, Georgian hospitality and local cuisine …

Beautiful nature and mountains. A massive Caucasian ridge with its peaks Shkhara and Kazbek, grape valleys, incredibly deep caves will appeal to amateurs to wander among the silent beauty of nature.

Georgian cuisine and wine. Georgian cuisine is original and very diverse, and Georgian legends are made up of legends[B2] . Khachapuri, satsivi, lobio – you can enumerate the traditional dishes indefinitely, add to this more home wine and it seems that nothing more is needed to be happy.

Gambling establishments. This is one of the few CIS countries where this activity is allowed and casinos operate at the VIP level. Darren Keane, Shangri La Tbilisi representative, spoke about the growth in the number of foreign visitors.

Affordable prices. In recent years, large cities have been overgrown with quality infrastructure, and prices are still superior to European ones. The increase in the number of direct, international flights allows you to reach the country quickly and comfortably, noted Darren Keane, Storm International CEO.

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