How to combat pharmacy crimes with a security camera system?

How to combat pharmacy crimes with a security camera system?

Statistically, pharmacies have a 14% probability of being victims of a robbery, employee diversion of drugs, and burglary (the Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Co survey). Pharmacy crimes may be in the form of cargo theft, organized crime, straightforward armed, and Employee theft (also theft perpetrated by remote workers). As this industry holds valuable assets i.e. medications, there is a chance of multiple crimes in the same year (8.6%).

Crime against pharmacy is a serious health care issue. It directly indicates the poor security system in the country/city. While there isn’t a magic way to stop pharmaceutical crimes, there are a number of security-related steps a pharmacy company and distributors can take to prevent the loss of these valuable and desired products. To combat the pharmaceutical crimes, continuous surveillance with innovative video surveillance systems is mandated!!

Security measures to combat pharmaceutical crimes

  1. Monitor high-traffic area closely

In pharmacies robbers and criminals gain access through standard points of entry like door or window (72%). Hence, security camera installation to cover heavily trafficked areas let you watch the comings and goings of the customer, gathering evidence in the event of medication going missing.

There isn’t a uniform way to lay out a pharmacy; they can be sections of a larger store, or they can simply be counters within a smaller room. There is a sheer amount of security camera types in the market, pharmacies can install systems tailor-made for the space they need to monitor. Always emphasize on multiple camera systems works over a network connection, so that all of the cameras feed on separate locations can be viewed from one centralized location.

  1. Use flexible featured cameras

Cameras that accommodate a number of specific settings to monitor indoor and outdoor activities serve your purpose the best. If the pharmacy has obscured lighting, install cameras that can adjust to different brightness. For outdoor surveillance, install cameras that feature durable housings to repel dust, wind, water, and snow. There are many leading brands such as Sony, Panasonic, Lorex, Samsung, and Zmodo that feature tamper-proof designs which generate alerts when disturbed.

  1. Install Covert Cameras in pharmacy blind spots

Pharmacies often divided into stockrooms, inventory rooms, narrow rows of medication, and employee utilities rooms. Due to limited space, there are a number of built-in-blind spots where security coverage is difficult, and which can be used to divert medication. These blind spots might tempt cognizant customers and employees figure out a way to exploit medical equipment and drugs.

There is a better way to cover blind spots i.e. “covert cameras”. These cameras can be blended into nearly any environment with dozens of unique features. Indoor and outdoor models enable you to cover every blind spot of the pharmacy. These cameras with Camscura WiFi enable your security manager to live stream a video from anywhere with real-time motion alerts.

  1. Track shipments with GPS Trackers

Install GPS trackers directly into a shipment vehicle’s power source. Placing trackers within the shipments vehicles is a surefire way to fight cargo thefts. These unique trackers curb employee theft and help police to track robbery suspects. You should also find the need to attach military escorts armed with PA-10 rifles to the shipment vehicle as further security. This will help deter intending criminals.

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