How to select the right size when purchasing shapewear online?

How to select the right size when purchasing shapewear online?

When purchase shapewear, it could be a little dicey to order online. After all, you cannot go for trials, so you want to make sure that you pick the right size. 

Purchasing wholesale shapewear for women online is an amazing option because of the enormous range of options available. You can easily pick your preferable shape, size, design and look. However, if you are wondering to pick the right size shapewear online, then the tips given below will help you out.

First of all, Good Measurements is the key!

Unlike other dresses, you cannot guess your shapewear size. Every garment requires a fit which is why it is essential to get the right measurements. At Lover-Beauty, we have our custom size chart with each piece. Hence, you can easily match it with your measurements and then place your order. 

For instance, when you are looking waist trainer wholesale, then the only measurement you’ll need is your waist. Likewise, you will need measurements of hip and bust to cover those parts. There are three major measurements that you need for shapewear:

  • Hips
  • Waist 
  • Bust

Always use a measuring tape made of fabric or vinyl for precise measurements. Use a mirror or take help of a friend to take the measurements appropriately. Make sure the tape lies flat on your body.  You may easily forget your measurements, so make sure you write it somewhere.

How to select a shapewear which fits your requirements?

A shapewear will give you amazing results if you wear the right type as per your required needs. This is why it is important to take accurate measurements. You can pick the right style of shapewear for your body type, target area and the event you are going to wear it for.

In order to pick the right size online, check out the huge range of options available at Lover-Beauty. You can pick any of the option, depending on the area you want to target and your preferred style.

Waist slimming shapewear measurement

There are a lot of waist slimming shapewear which target midsection. Waist cinchers and corsets offer cover and compression between hips and bust.      

In order to get the right measurement for a waist slimming corset, your waist measurements matter the most. With the help of a tape, measure two-inches above your belly button and compare it with the size chart.

If you don’t know where your waist is, just bend sideways while facing ahead. The area where your torso creases is where you should take the measurement.

Measurement for bodysuits

If you want to target all common areas such as butt, hips, tummy, waist and thighs, then you should go for bodysuits.   

For this shapewear, you need to measure your bust, hips and waist. Go with the largest measurements for appropriate results. Do not be tempted to pick a smaller size.

Measurement for butt lifters

These shapewear are designed to life you butt and slim your midsection and smooth your tummy.

For this garment, you should pay attention to your hip measurements and waist. If you don’t find the same size, then go for a size larger. 

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