Is Accent Reduction Really Useful?

Is Accent Reduction Really Useful?

This really is really a great question to inquire about yourself, if you’re your native-British speaking atmosphere yet the first language isn’t British. Here are a few common questions, and my solutions for them:

1 – Does accent reduction actually work?

Answer – it depends. Things I suggest is to begin with an extensive British pronunciation assessment, to recognize your challenges with spoken consonants, vowels and stress. That by itself is fairly valuable. You can also target individuals specific weaknesses, rather of dealing with an entire course or book. That’s good too. Finally – to reply to the issue – it will work to take down accent, but it’ll not cause you to seem 100% as an British native speaker, unless of course you’re younger than say 14 when you begin. So yes it enables you to definitely evaluate, modify and lower your accent, and when you place lots of work in it (i.e. research your options!) you’ll make great enhancements, but simply pricier to seem just like a native British speaker overnight. Not gonna happen.

2 – Could it be vital to lessen my accent? Wrong by having an accent?

Answer – Depends upon 2 things: Confidence and Clearness. If you’re a confident speaker, who is able to speak clearly with or ‘through’ your accent, you might will never need to operate onto it. I only say ‘need’, because many ‘want’ to enhance their accent, for self-improvement purposes. How can you tell for those who have clearness? Think about this “Do people frequently ask me to repeat myself while in conversation or perhaps in conferences?” If so, then you don’t have obvious speech. In case, you were searching for English tutor to complete your homework assignment, you should look for english homework help.

3 – Can One improve my accent at home?

Answer – yes – there are a few good British pronunciation textbooks available, filled with listening CDs, and you will find private companies who sell accent reduction CDs and books online too. You will find websites and blogs which have tips, some type of assessment, an MP3 audio recording and/or perhaps a device that allows you to speak and it offers a superior feedback in your accent, and YouTube videos that host a number of teachers and coaches, good quality, some not. Choose wisely.

Let’s remember about while using smartphones, where one can download apps and podcasts from iTunes or even the like, after which bring your training anywhere you go, around the commute or on vacation.

You may also pay attention to British-speaking radio programs watching Television shows, repeating after your favourite movies and shows using Blu ray/DVDs (so that you can stop and repeat) not to mention familiarize yourself with native British loudspeakers. This is actually the smartest choice, so try to get it done. Make buddies, socialize, and detect their pronunciation, in addition to their slang and idioms. Their studies at home isn’t as intensive or directed as studying having a qualified coach or tutor, but it is an improvement on nothing and it is cost-effective without a doubt. And can it produce results? That may rely on how self-motivated you’re. Are you currently the kind of person who can turn to a fitness center regularly and push you to ultimately kep working the sore muscles, or do you want an individual trainer to help keep you turning up for the regular appointments and pushing you to ultimately achieve new heights? The solution to this really is most likely the solution to how to do studying on your own versus getting a tutor or coach. Only a thought.

I really hope it has been useful. Accent reduction is really a niche of mine, and I’ve been teaching it since 1997. More details are available on my small website (below) underneath the ESL page. Thanks and best of luck!

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