Know How to Preserve Cardiac Blood flow with First Response Safety Trainers

Know How to Preserve Cardiac Blood flow with First Response Safety Trainers

The office is such a place where all your employees spend a considerable part of their everyday life. It’s like sharing life through work. It is very natural that within the working hours and employee can fall ill. You can obviously take the person to the hospital immediately. But what if the situation is urgent? What if the employee can die if nobody is able to provide CPR instantly? Instead of shuddering at the thought of it, consider training your employees to combat serious medical emergencies. The knowledge can save the life of a person having a severe heart attack or a person who was nearly drowning at the office picnic.

All about CPR

CPR is not a magical restart of the heart. It is the process to maintain the circulation of blood and oxygen in the body so that there is no immediate tissue or brain damage. If the human heart stops, the brain will not receive the oxygenated blood which causes the fatal damage within seconds. CPR has two main processes. To perform the external cardiac massage or chest compressions, you have to physically force the up and down movement of the chest to maintain the pumping of blood through the heart, valves and entire body.

Artificial respiration

If the breathing mechanism of a person stops altogether, then the First Response Safety Trainers will show you how to execute the artificial respiration. It’s a medical attempt to restore the breathing. In the middle of the 20th century, the medical research concentrated on the method seriously. At the Johns Hopkins University, the process was developed. It can save millions of lives if you can execute the cardiopulmonary resuscitation more frequently. You can manually preserve the flow of oxygenated blood to the patient’s brain and all the other vital organs until the medical help arises.

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