Places To Look And Find Tick On Your Dog

Places To Look And Find Tick On Your Dog

Sometimes, your dog might have a tick, and if it takes you too long to realize that, he might get ill. This is why it is important to know where ticks usually like to reside. For any other information, you can call a Hornsby vet hospital like Gordon Vet Hospital on how to remove ticks, and everything about pet care.

Usually, people think that running their hands along your pet-s head, belly, and back, without finding any ticks is enough, but that is not true. Finding ticks on your dog is not as simple as you might think it is, as these tiny bloodsuckers are quite good at hiding in spots you might never think to look at.

Checking your pets regularly for ticks and other parasites is very important, because they can make both pets and their owners seriously ill. Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Anaplasmosis, Lyme disease and even tick paralysis are just a number of diseases that can be caused by tick bites.

If you suspect that your dog might have a tick but you are not sure, ask a vet for help

How ticks find their victims

Ticks use heat sensors to find their victim, as the usually latch onto the warmest places on your pet’s body. While the head, ears and neck are the usually places where the ticks like to live, they can appear anywhere else.

Groin area

While the groin of your dog might not be the first place you check for ticks, you should. Did you know that ticks can very often attach to the dog’s bottom, as well as any other similar area on their groin? Ticks are usually drawn to dark and moist areas on the dog’s body, which is why you should check the perianal area. In addition, make sure to check the dog’s tail as well.

Between the toes

This is another area that is usually overlooked. Ticks do not have anything against the paws, and it actually takes extra effort to get there, but the do like to get attached between the toes, since that area is moist, dark, and warm.

In and Around the Ears

It can be very dangerous for the dog if you do not find the tick on time. In one of the cases, there was a dog named Linda, and she was about to be euthanized. However, as the vet reached to pet her, she scratched her ear, and with a closer inspection they found a tick that was engorged with blood.

There are many prevention actions you can take, such as give your dog a tick bath

Soon after removing it, they consulted the owner that their dog might have tick paralyses, but after Linda was sent home, in just few hours she was on her legs, happy. Make sure that you check all the places, before taking your dog to the vet, since even vets can overlook things.

The eyelids or under clothes and collars

When a tick attaches to your dog’s eyelid, it is not that difficult to spot it, but sometimes you can get confused if it is a tick or just his skin. On the other hand, if your dog wears a collar 24/7, it can be easy to forget to remove the collar when you are searching for ticks on your dog.

Final word

If you are interested in more facts that could help you, you can check out In any case, make sure that you check your dog for ticks and other parasites on a weekly basis, just to make sure that nothing bad happens!

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