Plan a Move on a Budget: Turn Key

Plan a Move on a Budget: Turn Key

Moving is undoubtedly one of the most stressful times in one’s life particularly in our material abundant society. There is often too much to do with little time and no help. That does not even include the psychological burden of leaving your home.

Planning the moving process is a surefire way to reduce the toll I think will help in making this life altering change a lot easier. One of the largest worries associated with moving is the cost, which when unplanned for, can rise astronomically. A budget will, therefore, help one prepare, cut costs to the minimum and make the move as cheap as possible.

The following could help with planning and budgeting your move:

Remove the Clutter

Most people do not realize how much they own until it is time to move. When they start packing, it becomes apparent that they have too much. Reducing what you carry when you move is not only a great way to cut down on cost but it will reduce the hassle of moving. When packing, take stock of all you own and get rid of that which you do not need.

All the clutter can then be auctioned off at a garage sale or you can have a private viewing for expensive items. A garage sale is a good way to make some cash that will cater to some of the moving expenses. The pricing should be flexible as the aim is to sell as much as possible. If done right, the garage sale can cover all moving expenses.

Only taking that which you need is a fantastic way to help plan a move on a budget and create space in your new home.

Get Cheaper Help

One of the biggest impediments to planning a move on a budget is the high cost of hiring professional movers. Moving may be hard work but I think it is sufficient to say that it is not highly technical work. Some of the charges may be preposterous so it may help to acquire the cheapest help possible which in most cases happens to be your family and friends. Ask your friends for some assistance and I am sure it will not only be cheaper but more fun than hiring professionals. You can pay them by ordering them their favorite burgers or beers and having a good time while moving heavy boxes.

They will also not take you to court if you delay payment. Another cheap option would be to pay cheap manual laborers, for example school kids looking to make money, which will be cheaper than other alternatives.

Moving loans

No matter how well you plan, how much you make at your garage sale and how many friends you have, you my still end up short the amount needed to move. In such a scenario a moving loan could prove to be quite helpful. A moving loan could help cover various costs such as storage costs for your goods and transportation costs among others.

Moving loans can also be used for emergencies. There is a lot that could go wrong when moving and thought a budget could help you cover all necessary costs, life throws you curveballs and you might just get hit by one smack in the face. A moving loan could be your cushion against such miscellaneous costs. Moving loans could also be crucial if you need help paying rent in your new place.

The loan could be used as a deposit or even a few months rent if you expect to pay back the money soon. Moving loans can be acquired from lenders of all sorts including online lenders. However, fitting everything into your budget is optimal.

Can it be done?

Yes, it is very possible to plan a move on a budget. There are many factors that will decide if you will be successful in doing this such as the distance to travel, the location of you new home and your economic situation among other things.

The discipline to stay within the budget will be paramount. You know what they say, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail and that should be every mover’s creed.

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