Simple Tips To Save Battery On An iPhone

Are you having trouble with your iPhone’s battery, or want some tips on saving your phone’s battery? I have simple little tips for you!

Every year, Apple is proud to offer us an even more powerful battery. It’s funny that we always have small battery problems since the operating system and the applications become more energy-intensive.

Here are simple tips to save battery on your Apple device just like you can unlock iphone near me. Note that these tips are based on iOS 14. If you have an older version, the labels and procedures may be a little different.

Apple iPhone Battery Saving Tips

1- Activate The Dark Theme And Automatic Brightness

As you can see, all of our screenshots on our iPhone have a black background. This is because we have enabled the dark theme in iOS 13. By enabling the dark theme, we save on the display by not having that big white light.

To activate the dark theme on your iPhone with iOS 14, you must:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the option: Display and brightness
  • Check the box under the option: Dark
  • iPhone iOS 13 Dark Theme
  • Here is how to activate the dark theme on your iPhone with iOS 13.
  • The other thing that you can do while in this window is to activate the automatic brightness option, which is found just below.

Once the function is activated, the brightness of our screen will adapt according to the ambient light. Enough to save a little battery when we do not always need it to be max.

2- Reduce The Time Before Screen Lock

The last thing that we can do while being in the display settings is to reduce the delay before our screen goes to sleep. Rather than leaving it open for 1 min, why not lower it to 30 seconds?

To reduce the time before our iPhone screen locks, we need to:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select the option: Display and brightness
  • Choose the option: Auto-lock.
  • Determine the time before the screen locks
  • iPhone screen lock
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