The 5 Secrets You Will Never Know About Ethereum Games

The 5 Secrets You Will Never Know About Ethereum Games

 The block chain technology and gaming are the matches can be made in heaven. The gaming industry has been struggling with the payment, safety, compatibility and the item trading problems. The block chain and crypto currencies are the perfect innovation perfectly suited to solve this problem and give the players more complete and free gaming experience.

 By using the crypto has a steep learning curve. So the five games that are integrated the block chain and crypto currencies into their game play. You can get ahead start learning and how to navigate the crypto Games world then start building your crypto currency portfolio and have fun earning a bit of digital cash along the way.

Crypto kitties

Crypto kitties are the quintessential Ethereum Games. If you want an introduction to the power of smart contracts, crypto tokens and how crazy people are about them .it is a game where you can collect and breed virtual cats. It can sound simple because it is. The real value is unique and it can be traded on the other enum block chain for real money.

Each kitty has its own unique appearance and there are 4 billion possible cats. The cat is created by the developers once every minute. The only supply of new cats will be through breeding.

 These have been similar virtual pet games before but the idea of true ownership of a cat can be destroyed, copied rather than just some data on a central server has appealed to players.

Spells of Genesis

The kitting could help you win a battle in the Asian valley rather than breed with one another. It is a mobile magic card game. You can store your cards on the block chain for the true ownership that is so important in the crypto world. The card can be used in battle and it has elements like health, speed, spells, and rarity.

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