Think Solitaire Is an Old Game? Check Out the Best Modern Solitaire Apps

Think Solitaire Is an Old Game? Check Out the Best Modern Solitaire Apps

Looking for a great game to pass the time? Solitaire is a great choice for when you are stuck in a waiting room or just plain bored. Many new versions of the game have sprung up, bringing a whole new twist to the classic solitaire game we all know and love. But it can get a bit hard to find one specific app that you really like in every aspect.

With so many solitaire options available, it can take time to sort through them all. To save you time, we selected the best modern solitaire games from a top ten list we found online. It has from classic solitaire and spider solitaire to TriPeaks and Pyramid solitaire and they are all supposed best. Here the list we used.

Best 10 Apps For Playing Solitaire

And here are further filtered 4 apps we think are the best of the best.

Travel the world with Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Play solitaire in a completely different new way with Pyramid Solitaire Saga. The pyramid solitaire game is themed around the actual Egyptian pyramids with cute animated characters and sound effects that bring some extra charm into the game. Unlock new themes and travel the world as you progress through the game. Are you a puzzle enthusiast? Test your skills with levels that become increasingly challenging! Play with friends and challenge them for the title of ultimate solitaire master or challenge yourself to beat your highest score.

Keep it classic but fresh with Pyramid Solitaire

Looking for a modern solitaire game that keeps the classic look of traditional solitaire? Pyramid Solitaire is a great choice for keeping it simple without the use of themes like those in Pyramid Solitaire Saga. Skip unnecessary animations and stay focused on the game. The best prize of all is that feeling you get when you beat your high score. Great sound effects accompany the game, with a charming firework sound to celebrate your victory!

Also, before we continue, here’s an article we used for the first two as a reference before we tested them out. It’s on the same site as the before-mentioned list.

Best Apps For Pyramid Solitaire

Next, let’s move to a bit different games that have some other features.

Play online with Solitaire TriPeaks

Solitaire TriPeaks takes your virtual solitaire game to a whole new level. Play Solitaire online with players from all over the world. Join a club with your friends or meet other players as you work your way up through over 850 levels. Every level is set in a different island paradise environment, making it a fun and relaxing experience! Earn bonus points within the game and use them when you need help getting through a difficult level!

Nonstop fun with Towers TriPeaks

Towers TriPeaks is a popular choice among solitaire fans because you can play free solitaire without any advertisements. You read that right. Enjoy unlimited fun without being distracted by unwanted ads! This great if you want to play nonstop and put your solitaire skills to the test. You don’t have to play through storylines or defeat enemies. Just play the solitaire game you’ve been craving and see how far you can get with the cards you are dealt with!

Solitaire is a great game to play if you are looking to pass the time or if you only have a few minutes to spare. Test your skills with modern versions of classic solitaire, like TriPeaks solitaire and Pyramid solitaire. Play through fun themed worlds or keep it simple and classic too. Challenge yourself to beat your highest score and invite your friends to join in on the fun. With the best solitaire game apps right on your phone, unlimited entertainment is on every corner.

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