Top Directors of Telugu Cinema: V. V. Vinayak

Top Directors of Telugu Cinema: V. V. Vinayak

V. Vinayak is one of the most celebrated film directors in the modern history of the Telugu cinema industry. Always up to challenge the norms of the filming industry, Vinayak constantly redefines commercial and action movies for the Telugu golden screens. Vinayak made his debut as a film director with his 2002’s box office hit melodrama film titledAadi,which received rave reviews upon its initial release and beyond.

Over the years, V. V. Vinayak has directed and produced an admirable number of films for both the golden and silver screens of the Telegu filming industry. His movies have won the hearts of many but not without a few shares of criticism here and there. Even so, a majority of Telegu-speaking movie-goers found Vinayak’s movies truly enjoyable and remains a crowd-favorite even to this day, With the support of his avid watchers, Vinayak had received the state-awarded Nandi Award for Best First Film of a Director for his debut work Aadi and continues to receive recognition for contributions within the film industry ever since. Some of his notable works include Tagore (2003), Bunny (2005), and Adurs(2010), You can watch all types of genres of Telugu movies.

Tagore (2003)

Tagore is a 2003 action-packed movie directed by V. V. Vinayak, backed by a list of amazing actors and actresses. Produced as a remake of the Tamil film Ramana, this movie portrays the journey of a layman to abolish corruption within his community. Tagore, a university professor who accidentally stumbled upon a hospital’s mismanagement of human lives and money, decided to establish an anti-corruption force (AFC) which exposed the hospital’s black records, forcing it to close. As an act of revenge, the former dean of the hospital, Badrinarayana, decided to torment Tagore for his actions. Over the course of the movie, we see Tagore battling the loss of his sons and Badrinarayana’s continuous attempt at taking Tagore and his AFC subordinates down,

Bunny (2005)

Working alongside cinematography by Chota K. Naidu again, Bunny is another box office hit which tells the story of Bunny alias Raja taking revenge on his uncle, Somaraju, who had killed his father and took away his rightful inheritance. Earlier in the movie, we see Bunny winning Somaraju’s daughter over and asking him to give up all of his entire property to Raja as a wedding dowry. Flashbacks bring us back to how Raja came to be and how he meticulously planned his quest to exact revenge, take back what was originally his as well as keeping the girl of his dreams with him.

Adurs (2010)

Adurs discusses the story of twin brothers being separated at birth and how a chain of events led them to discover each other. Narasimha, the older twin, grew up to be an undercover agent for a regional cop in order to be a cop himself while his younger twin, Chari, was raised by a family of traditional Brahmin priests and grew up to be one himself. Their biological father was found to be a top army scientist, and his remaining family members, the twin brothers, were wanted by a couple of no-goods which prompted Narasimha to be kidnapped in order to invent a target-killing device. The movie follows both Narasimha and Chari’s delve into their past and how it affects the lives, they’re currently living now.

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