Want to witness mystery movie then watch ‘Sahasam’ movie Online at Aha

Want to witness mystery movie then watch ‘Sahasam’ movie Online at Aha


As the generation is developing, the directors have started to think differently and then write the story and direct the movie. They also think that the released movie should be attractive and get a good talk among the audience who visualize the movie.

Seeking to watch the Telugu full movie Sahasam online?

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The mystery epic Sahasam was directed by ChandrashekarYeleti under the production of B. V. S. N. Prasad. This movie has a historical story where you can visualize it without leaving a single scene.

Coming to the story, actor Gopichand is a security guard at an ATM who works for the sake of living. He has a motto that if anything belongs to him he doesn’t leave and if anything doesn’t belong to him then he leaves as well as he never cares for it. Actor Taapsee is named as Sreenidhi who is a big devotee of god and wants to visit Hinglaj Mata Temple in pakistan. One fine day Gautham comes to know that his grandfather has kept a note and in that note it is mentioned that some valuables are available in pakistan which belongs to his grandfather. Then after knowing that Gautham plans to go to Pakistan. While going, he meets Sreenidhi, and they continue their way to Pakistan. To know more about interesting stories, watch the movie online at Aha.

Artists Performance

You can see an interesting combination of Gopichand and Taapsee and you can also notice the best action of them as given by the director. The cast selection has been good for the directing movie. Shakti Kapoor has acted well as a leader of the pakistan members and showed his worth by giving his natural performance.

Technical aspects

The location in Pakistan has been selected according to the requirement. And got success with the good theme of the movie. BDM was attractive to get the movie in the good version. Cinematography is ok. Overall you the director has assessed the conditions well and selected the locations for the movie.


1. You can stream the best historical story when you watch the movie on your device.

2. The cast for the movie has been selected well, and they acted according to their given roles by the director.
3. You can watch the romantic love story of Gautham and Sreenidhi in the movie.

4. You can enjoy the songs when you want to listen to the songs for entertainment and relaxation.

Cast and Crew

Actor: Gopichand
Actress: Taapsee
Other characters: shakti Kapoor, Sultan
Director: ChandaSekharYeleti
Producer: B. V. S. N. Prasad
Music director: Sri Kommineni
Release date: 12th July 2013


You can watch the best story as it has interesting visuals and a historical story. The music has been composed well. Locations are very good for directing the movie. Cast has worked very well to get the movie success.

Watch historical Telugu Full Movie ‘Sahasam’ Online at Aha

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