What Would Be Better – An Auto Shipping Broker or A Carrier?

What Would Be Better – An Auto Shipping Broker or A Carrier?

One dilemma that you can face when looking for a shipper to transport your vehicle to the place you are moving is deciding, which service to take – carriers or brokers. If you are doing it for the first time it becomes all the more troublesome.

Auto Shipping Carriers Vs. Brokers

To place it simply, shipping carriers are companies that run the transport carriages that ship your vehicles. Whereas an auto transport broker is a company, which forms a network with various carriers and works as a medium to provide you with multiple options. There is both benefits and some limitation to both the ways.

If you are dealing with New Jersey auto transport services you might want to look for Ship a Car, Inc. They are experienced shipping broker providing service to you for relocating your vehicle and it is also a trustworthy name for businesses who use their service for regular freight and heavy haul equipment transportation. You just make a call or check online for their detailed services, routes and quotes.

A carrier would only provide you with limited route options but at same time it can give you a much more accurate price quote and the whole process takes less time once you find the right carrier. A broker may give you multiple curated options but it takes a longer time to get a deal done. But once the deal is done you can be worry free and they provide faster delivery than a carrier.

Options of Auto Transport Shipping services

For making a successful move you would have to think about what you want from the shipping service. Here is a list of common options that you can look for according to your requirement –

  1. Standard vehicle shipping

Majority of people use this service as it is convenient and affordable. Once it meets your shipping requirement you can go ahead and plan to transport your vehicle. It generally uses open carriers and can be a very good option if it is not a high-end vehicle.

  1. Specialty vehicle shipping

This option is for those with luxury vehicles. The auto transport company takes special care in delivering these vehicles safely. For this purpose, they would obviously use enclosed carriers. Therefore, it may cost you more than any standard vehicle shipping service. However, once you think about the major concern over your vehicle, it seems quite cost-effective.

  1. Expedited service

When you are on tight schedule and have to move your vehicle as fast as possible this option can help you make the delivery in time. Due to your request, you would priority over other customers and thus would incur additional charges.

What to Choose?

Your decision to chose either a transport broker or carrier does not depend solely on the benefits of the both. What might be a problem for you is not a problem for others. So, be sure of your convenience and requirements. No matter what you choose make sure you have proper documents and use a licensed service provider.

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