What You Should Know About Importing Japanese Cars Into Australia

What You Should Know About Importing Japanese Cars Into Australia

Everyone who is into cars knows that Japan is one of the best manufacturers in the world, and that there are quite a lot of amazing cars in the Japanese market all the time. However, while we can buy a lot of items and import them into another country without any special rules, unfortunately, cares are not one of those items.

Basics of importing

The most important thing that you should consider when you are importing a car into Australia from Japan, or any other country, is to not do everything by yourself. There are a lot of professional importing companies such as Dazmac Logistics who will take care of the biggest parts when it comes to importing.

You should also know that while there are a lot of Japanese cars you can purchase over the auction house or privately if you are familiar with the language, it is very important to note that some cars are banned in Australia so watch out when you are making a purchase.

Your car will arrive in similar fashion

The paperwork

One of the main things that you are going to deal with while importing a car from Japan to Australis is paperwork. Even if you hire a professional company to help you with the importing process, you will still have to get a lot of paperwork done yourself.

The first thing you have to do regarding this matter is to actually get a permit that will allow you to import the car into Australia. This can take a couple of days or maybe weeks depending on how the busy system is, so keep in mind that you will have to make a plan before you start doing anything else.


When it comes to transport of your car, there are a couple of options which your car can arrive with to Australia, but the most common one is definitely by sea. Japanese car imports Sydney from Dazmac Logistics and other companies are done in a way where your car is put into a safe container which will keep the car intact, preventing anyone besides the authorities to intervene with the car.

Cars are ready to get packed into a container

The arrival

Once your car finally arrives to your local port, it will have to go through a couple of procedures. Mainly, it will have to be checked for all the regulations according to the Australian laws, and during this process it will be in quarantine. It is very important that your car is completely cleaned before you even ship it because there is a chance that it will be returned upon arrival if it is carrying foreign ecosystem items.

Receiving your car

After the car passes all the necessary check-ups, you will get full control of it once your paperwork is checked out. Keep in mind that you will usually not be asked to register the car in your name in order to receive the car, therefor it is extremely important to do this as soon as you can in order to avoid any legal issues while you are driving the car around without a registration.

Final Word

Importing a car from Japan to Australia today is really simple as long as you hire a professional to help you out. The only main thing that you will have to worry about is the paperwork, and everything else will be done by the company, which would be an incredible amount of work.

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