5 Things Every Wannabe Author Has To Know, Before Printing Their Respective Books

5 Things Every Wannabe Author Has To Know, Before Printing Their Respective Books

You have written a booklet by yourself. Now, you want to publish it, make a physical copy of the booklet for your readers. But as you have never tried printing a booklet, you need to know all the information about booklet printing. Obviously, like, you don’t want to ruin your very first booklet, right? Nobody wants to destroy their first attempt, right? Well, no worries. We are here to help. Here is a list of top 5 tips about booklet printing. Go through the list. All the information you need about booklet printing are there.

Once you read the whole list, we are sure that you are not going to read the article anymore. You won’t wait until the end of the article, and that’s quite natural. You will be rushing to print your booklet. Well, that is why we are telling you here that you can avail IngramSpark coupon codes to get a discount on printing your first booklet.

Get a print ready booklet cover first:- Before you bring the booklet in this world (like a child. Yes 🙂 ), have you bought clothes for it yet?  Yes, printing covers are one of the essential things of printing a booklet. If you are a designer yourself, you got lucky. Now, if you are not, it’s better to hire one first. Because, unfortunately, if you already own an e-book cover and you think, you can use it for your printed booklet too, you are wrong. E-book covers are a lot different than the booklet covers. The e-book covers are made of RGB for the web. These covers do not fit in when you try to make them your print book covers. Print booklet covers are made of at least 300 dpi so that they don’t appear blurry. These covers are made of CMYK colours.

Coating and binding:- Glossy coatings on the cover of your booklet is expensive, luxurious and very valuable. However, it helps you to create a professional image of the brand on your customer’s mind. It will send a message that the brand is ready to invest. These will make your customers interested in the brand. So, choose the right types of lamination based on how you want to present your booklet.

There are a lot of factors that the choice of your binding. Customers usually prefer the saddle-stitched booklet that sew both the cover and the paper together. These papers are folded in half and then sewed at the top corner. These *not very thick* bindings are perfect for booklets. However, you can try the wire bindings too. For these kinds of bindings leave at least 1cm space on a side or top. It will help you to prevent it from preventing the damage caused by the binding.

Decide the trim size of your printed booklet:- The size of your booklet is usually based on the usage and information. Some customers want an extensive booklet, but they do not want it to be thick really. Choose the DIN A4 papers. This size is widely used. And then some customers want to carry their booklets with them. They don’t wish to have much information in there. For them, choose the DIN A6 papers. These papers are relatively smaller, and these sizes are perfect for these kinds of customers. Choose the size of your booklet accordingly to the amount of information you want to put in the booklet.

Make your decisions aesthetic:- What kind of printed covers do you want? Do you want a glossy cover or a matte cover? These requirements will also affect the pricing of printing. The booklet covers are the first thing that the readers see. Make sure the cover contains a professional image and graphical designs in it. Choose the 260g papers for the cover because it meets the main requirements of the customers and these are not expensive. For the interior pages, try the 128g art papers. These papers are also cheap, and it has a right thickness level, and these papers are durable too.

Make sure you know the expected page counts of your booklet:- Make sure you are familiar with the page counts of your booklet. You need to confirm your page counts to your cover designer as well as to the printing service you have offered. The pricing and the size of your cover will be depending on that. Page counts, trim size and shape combined define the printing price of your booklet.

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