Fashion Ideas Are Not For One But All (Sizes)!

Fashion Ideas Are Not For One But All (Sizes)!

As they say, “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it”. This statement has a separate fan base altogether. Fashion is not for one person, and it cannot stay confined either. Fashion is something everyone out there has in them. It just takes an instant to be out there for your creativity to be set to work. According to societal norms, women with a larger size cannot wear certain clothes which is not true at all. You can always opt for clothes that complement your figure. So, here is a guide to all those fashion ideas you need to know if you are a plus-size!

  • Keep It Jacketed:

Jackets are a boon! Go for plain t-shirts with jeans. Throw on a jacket to hide all that extra fat and look slim. You won’t believe the transformation you will get once you sport this look. Jackets are highly coveted all the year round and can spice up your look in a minute. Blow-dry your hair and keep it open for a bouncier look. It adds as a bonus since it helps you hide the face fat with your locks. Sport a pair of ankle-length boots to complete the look. Also, you can apply Beme coupon codes to avail discounts on their website.

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  • Oversized Shrugs:

Shrugs will make your look complete. Just wear a maxi dress that shall hide all your belly fat and pull over a shrug of a dark colour on top of that. The oversized shrug shall complement the maxi dress. Go for a maxi dress in a lighter tone to create the contrast. The contrasting features will just divert the attention from your figure. To seize the attention towards your neck, add on a super junky choker with heavy detailing to avoid keeping any bare space left out. Wear simple wedges to go with this outfit. It will just give you that extra height you need to look slimmer.

  • Heels Are A Must:

Hands down, heels make you look slimmer. It is an illusion that you get when you wear heels, they make our figures look more structured than ever with that extra notch of height out there, even if it is a few inches. Go for nude coloured ones as they make your legs look longer. It also shifts the attention from your legs, which you may find unnecessary. Pairing a midi skirt with nude heels and a turtle neck top will surely complement the entire look. Put on minimal jewellery with this one. Throw on a blazer in black or beige right on top of your shoulders like a robe, and it will just spell out high street fashion for you.

  • Hair Matters:

You look slimmer or heavier depending upon your hairdo. Hair gives a dimension to the clothes that you wear. Keeping your hair open can make you look slimmer as they fringe the face while tying your hair up to make you look fat as they reveal all your facial fat from all sides. So always try to sport a hairdo where most of the hair is left open.

  • Prints:

Okay, so prints can make you appear fat or slim. If you are going for prints, choose a dress with smaller ones. The smaller ones keep the attentions accentuated to the dress and not the figure. Little prints even look good on all types of bodies.

  • Stripes:

You can go for stripes as well. The vertical ones look more flattering on plus size bodies. Do not make the mistake of going for horizontal ones as they make your body look broader. The vertical stripes in black and white look even more structured than in any other colour. Sport transparent heels with this one to make your structure taller and slimmer.

  • The Garments Beneath Matters:

Invest in the right undergarments. Putting your money smartly in the right undergarments uplift your look a lot. They are the foundation of your clothing; they can either make or break your look.

  • High-Waist Is No Waste:

For somebody with a curvy figure like yours opt for high-waisted denim and a layered cropped top. It works wonders for your body, but you have to be careful while choosing the quality of the fabric according to your body type. Like, a particular fabric that suits your curvy friend might not suit you. You can pair your denim with long tops with side slits as well. They look great together!

Go by these guidelines and rock the world as you own it, throwing confidence around like confetti!

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