All about Cartwright Law Firm

All about Cartwright Law Firm

The Cartwright Law Firm is a renowned one much known for its sixty years of service towards injury victims as well as wronged workers. They believe that a wronged person deserves compensation and help them to reach their desired goal. They believe that the victim has absolute right to recover damages from the responsible party. They hold that it is not a matter of taking advantage by filing a case against an inattentive individual or any entity. They consider it as the constitutional right of the victim.

Constitution of Cartwright Law Firm

The Cartwright Law Firm has been founded by Robert E. Cartwright Jr. who is also the managing partner of the firm. He is much respected and has been an award winning lawyer. His days of practice date back to the year 1982. Mr. Cartwright is assisted by a team of skilled and efficient attorneys who are experienced in their personal fields. All of them are dedicated to their tasks of providing protection to the legal rights of injury victims. The attorneys who are part of the firm are Maurice Fitzgerald, David G. Yen, Brian Lance, Catherine Tran and Audrey Siegel. In addition to that they own staffs like Ligia McDonald and Victoria Rungo.

Reasons of Relying on Cartwright Law Firm

There are ample reasons to rely on Cartwright. One of them is obviously the tools and technologies used for the purpose of maximizing the work efficiency. They have the gift of direct access to the best legal databases as well as specialized software. In addition to that they have online resources for the purpose of performing sophisticated investigation as well as technical research. They are well equipped for conducting effective presentations that include trials, mediations and arbitrations.  Also all cases are computerized for expediting litigation.

They offer complete commitment to the clients. They passionately rectify the wrong caused to the client which led to the injury. The operations of the firm include a variety of quality controls for ensuring that the legal representation so provided is up to the mark for the client. The clients can expect prompt as well as satisfactory results. It is ensured that the work done is aggressive and full of zeal. They are positively committed to the client and render services that are compassionate and caring. As mentioned before, the firm operated for over six decades, the combined experience of its team of lawyers is even more than that.

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