Dan DeKoter Attorney -Tips for Small Business Owners!

Dan DeKoter Attorney -Tips for Small Business Owners!

Small business owners need to be extra careful when it comes to legally protecting their business. Sibley lawyer Dan DeKoter says that small business owners can protect their business with the help of a few practical business tips. They are simple to incorporate and recommended for protecting your business from future legal hassles.

Dan DeKoter Attorney- Practical tips for owners of small businesses

Businesses are complex and cumbersome if you are not aware of your legal rights and liabilities. Taking out time from your busy schedule is a prudent choice to safeguard your rights as a small business owner. Dan DeKoter is well versed in civil litigation and business law. He and his team of dedicated professionals help small business owners protect their units legally so that they do not have to suffer from huge business expenses in event of any litigation. The Dan DeKoter Attorney team lays down the following tips for small business owners –

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  1. Notice period- you should choose the minimum notice period for your employees so that you avoid paying them for long notice periods.
  2. Redundancy pay- Small businesses are not entitled to pay for redundancy pay in the employment contract. Unless this entitlement is laid out in employment contract, you are under no obligation to pay an employee who is made redundant.
  3. Termination of fixed contracts early- When you are drafting fixed contracts, ensure you reserve the right to terminate it early without notice. In case you forget to include this clause, you will be liable to pay the employee even if you terminate the contract early for the remainder of the period.
  4. Document award flexibility- You should document award flexibility in the agreement of employment so that you do not have to pay for entitlements.

He adds that you must always consult a lawyer when you are creating employment contracts. Most small business owners make the mistake of drafting their employment contracts on their own. They are not aware of the laws and procedures. Most small business owners deter from visiting lawyers to know their rights as they fear loss of time and money.

Meet experienced lawyers and know your rights for protecting your small business units

Understanding your rights as a small business owner is indeed the need of the day. You should meet business lawyers and become educated on your business rights. This helps you to make informed decisions that give you the power to protect your business unit and void unnecessary expenditure.

The Dan DeKoter Attorney team says that as a small business owner, it is prudent for you to take business advice for your company. No matter how small your unit might be, opting for experienced and expert legal advice is indeed a wise and prudent choice. Speak to experts and know what your rights and liabilities are. This will safeguard your business and reduce the need for you to pay extra money for small issues that may crop up due to ignorance of your rights as a small business owner

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