Be Prepared! How to Handle Medical Emergencies while Camping

Be Prepared! How to Handle Medical Emergencies while Camping

Camping is one good way to let your self be free from the hustle and bustles of the city life. It can help you make you feel relaxed just by simply being with nature even just for a few hours or days. This little time can even be more than what you expected as you go along your camping adventure.

Despite not wanting to have any mishaps or accidents from happening during your camping adventure, nobody knows when such things could happen as you sit down and relax in your camping gazebo.

So to give you a heads up and make you prepared prior to you most awaited camping adventure, we have listed down 5 things that you can do to handle medical emergencies while camping.

#1 Ready and fill your First Aid Kit

Think of all the things and medical situations that could happen prior to your adventure. Stock up common things that you will need to handle simple scratches to major wounds and twisted ankle. Make sure to include gauze, alcohol, bandages, tweezers, hydrogen peroxide and others useful tools that you can make use to handle emergencies well.

#2 Educate yourself

If you still have an ample amount of time, spend it by asking your healthcare professional friends about how to handle emergencies as you are planning to head out for a camping adventure with your camping gazebo all ready. Or if you do not have anyone to seek help with you can watch videos online just to make sure that when something similar happens you will not be dumbfounded and make things worse.

#3 Know yourself

Knowing yourself is the best way to treat or avoid possible medical emergencies that could happen during your camping adventure. Never assume that you will be okay during the whole duration knowing you have encountered serious health problems for even a decade ago. Pack all medications that you need for your past health problems.

So when a medical emergency occurs during your adventure related to an illness or sickness written in your medical history, you are already equipped with the cure to avoid worsening the situation.

#4 Study your camping area’s vicinity

Since you know where you are going and where you will be building your camping gazebo prior to your trip, make sure to familiarize yourself with nearby hospitals or clinics that you can easily run to when things get worse during your camping adventure.

#5 Retain a mean for communication

Despite your wanting to be disconnected from the life you have left behind, you still need to keep a phone with you for emergency purposes. This will also be beneficial to your loved one worrying about you in your hometown. Also, before heading out to the ‘bewilderness’, make sure to at least tell one person about your plans so that he/she could monitor you from time to time.

If you feel like not wanting to bring your phone along with you, just keep it in your bag instead and use it only when needed. Do not be hard headed and regret it after going through an emergency.

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