What are the requirements for filing an online application for Indian Visa?

What are the requirements for filing an online application for Indian Visa?

Visitors from across the globe are showing their interest in traveling to India. The obtaining of the VisaVisa is as per the luck of the citizen. Among the seven wonders, one is in India. The Taj Mahal is attracting visitors to India. The process of applying for eVisa is simple and easy. A person has to submit some documents online and wait for approval. The Ministry of Affairs will provide a green flag of support for India Visa for Mongolian Citizens

After visiting India, the dreams of the citizen will come true. They will explore different festivals, and the beauty of their celebration as many spots in the country can be visited for tourism purposes. The cultural heritage of the country will provide a positive attitude among visitors. A person should carry a valid passport along with eVisa. The documents will be submitted through scanning in the online application of obtaining a Visa.

Information that should be provided in an online application 

Earlier, the citizens went to the embassy to obtain the VisaVisa. With the introduction of an online application, the process of getting India Visa for Mongolian Citizens has become quick and easy. Here are some of the information guide that will be filled online.

  • The name of the applicant should be provided in the application. The full name will be essential for providing on the VisaVisa of the person.
  • The date of birth should be written down in the online application form. It will determine the eligibility of the person to obtain the India Visa for Mongolian Citizens.The person should possess a valid passport while filling the requirements. The passport number should be entered in the online application form.
  • The citizen should communicate about their profession. If there is any criminal record of the person, then the application will be rejected. So, any disclosure should be made with the Ministry of Affairs.
  • The date of arrival is going to take place should be provided in the online application. The period of stay should be communicated to the Ministry of Affairs. The purpose of traveling should be provided to the Ministry.
  • The permanent address of the citizen should be provided in the application form. It will be provided for the benefit of the citizen. The printed eVisa will be delivered on the address of the citizen.


Nowadays, there are many citizens of a country who are showing their interest in Indian tourism. While filing the application, all the details should be filled with due attention. The citizen should obtain a printed copy of all the documents of eVisa. They are checked by the Indian government while entering the country. The official embassy is also providing the online application form for eVisa.

The rules and regulations of the application form should be filled accordingly. So, a citizen should check the reviews of the embassy before filling the online application form with them. The citizens will enjoy the beauty of India.

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