Reasons Why Brits Buy Abroad And Move To The Sun

Reasons Why Brits Buy Abroad And Move To The Sun

Are you considering becoming an ex-pat in 2018 or sometime soon?  If you are, you probably know that you aren’t alone.  If you haven’t made that decision yet, you may wonder why so many people decide to up and leave all they know behind for a warmer climate.  

In the following article, you will find five answers/reasons.

Career Advancement/Improvement

One of the most important and constant reasons why people want to move from Britain to another country is the desire to improve or advance their career.  This may mean the chance for a better position working abroad for the current employer; for others though, it means starting a completely new career.  There are many employers who see value in employees with experience working overseas and it is possible for a faster progression up the career ladder where your skills are required even more or if there is less competition within your industry.

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Change Job Or Start A New Career

Although this sounds similar to the above, it is actually a lot different.  This is more about wanting to have a massive change in your life and career. By starting a completely new job or business in a different sector, you can start a new life.

Improve The Balance Of Life And Work

Becoming an ex-pat often improves the balance between life and work.  This is another one of the main reasons why people choose to move abroad.  Over the years, it has become more difficult for working families to get by in the UK, with couples having to work harder than ever to just survive.  As a result, family life eventually suffers and many generations of children are being raised outside of the home in nurseries and after-school organisations.  Therefore, a lot of people want to change these and as a result, relocating can create a better balance between their life and their work life.  

To Escape The Terrible Weather

The perennial reason of course for most people seeking life abroad in a foreign country is to escape the terrible British weather.  British ex-pats crave warm and sunny climates and that is why places such as Malaga and Benidorm are favourite Spanish destinations for expats.  When the sun shines on holiday, you feel happier and more positive and many ex-pats want to recreate that feeling.  

Improve Your Financial Prospects

More and more people are driven to move abroad because of the dull financial outlook in the UK.  When you move abroad though, you have the chance to benefit from a better wage, with the cost of living being considerably lower than it is back home.  In addition, you can avail yourself of further financial benefits from investing in offshore bank and savings accounts that are available to ex-pats.

As you can see, there are at least five really good reasons why so many Brits are leaving the humdrum of living in the UK behind and looking for somewhere where both the financial and weather forecast is looking positive.

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