5 Most Unforgettable Aussie Summer Adventures

5 Most Unforgettable Aussie Summer Adventures

It has long been an Australian tradition to take a motorhome hire and head out on the road in the summertime. When the diverse and lush terrain is in the full bloom of the warm months, there is really nothing like a road trip along the miles of undeveloped coast that exist in this country. Keep in mind that Australia is a rather large continent, so any road tripper would be highly advised to carefully plan out their route. What may seem like a perfectly do-able trip could be biting off more than you can chew. It is better to travel in concentrated bursts in specific areas if you really want to capitalize on the Australian summer months. So check out the below possibilities before you plan your journey.

Sydney Rocks Ghost Tour

If you happen to find yourself in the wonderful city of Sydney, make sure to take a guided tour of the Rocks neighbourhood on a warm summer night. The Rocks was at one point the legendary slum of the city, inhabited by the darker side of city life, including many murders and other types of crime. The neighborhood is now rumored to be haunted, and there are a variety of tours on offer.

Bondi Beach

Speaking of Sydney, why not head over to Bondi Beach for the perfect beach day? This is one of the most gorgeous public beaches in the country, featuring perfect blue waters and hot sands. There are grassy knolls where you can operate coin-fed grills and have yourself a nice cookout/picnic. The Australian summer is all about the coasts and fine beaches, and Bondi is certainly one of the best city beaches to be found anywhere in the world. With its close access to Sydney, this is a convenient and enjoyable stop on any trip through the region.


When it comes to summer adventure, what could be more unique than swimming with whale sharks? Here at Ningaloo you have one of the world’s largest coral reefs stretching over 250 kilometers off the coast. These massive, but harmless, whale sharks congregate in these waters in large numbers. Thousands of divers and snorkelers make the journey to Ningaloo each summer in order to experience the sensation of swimming alongside these awesome creatures. Of course there are all sorts of further sea life frolicking along the colorful reefs, making for one of the top diving spots in Australia. This location is within a short drive of Perth, so if you’re in the area and looking for a truly unique diving experience, then your campervan hire is only a couple of miles from one of the best in the world.

Cairns Great Barrier Reef

If your journey includes a stop in the Cairns region, it would be highly advised that you hit up the Great Barrier Reef. Here you will find crystal clear water and the opportunity to dive or snorkel in one of the most beautiful aquatic settings the world has to offer. This legendary reef has all the colorful schools of fish and other marine life that you have no doubt seen in pictures, plus the amazing reef formations themselves. Get under the water and swim along the reef if you want a glimpse into another world that you will never forget.

Nightcap National Park

In the heart of New South Wales lies a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity. Within the lush sprawl of this gorgeous national park you will find Minyon Falls, which is a massive waterfall where gallons of clear water cascade from the cliffs. This is a truly otherworldly setting, and one of the best photo ops in Australia. In the summer months you can stand under the water for a cool, refreshing shower like no other. These falls are just a short journey from Byron Bay and are highly recommended for a unique and unforgettable summertime experience.

Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s Harbour Bridge is one of the most famous structures in the country. Literally millions of people have scaled this bridge since it was opened to the public in the late 90s. From the top of the bridge you will be treated to a panoramic views of the city, the ocean beyond, and the famous Sydney Opera House. You can take a tour that lasts up to two hours, giving you plenty of time to take in this amazing view. On a warm summer day, there is really nothing like a climb to the top of the bridge to give you a great idea of what the Australian summer is all about.

Australia is by far one of the best summer destinations in the world. Take advantage of this by embarking on a motorhome hire trip in the summer months, experiencing the Australian open road and all the sights and adventures it holds.

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