Budget Funerals: A Quick Guide

Budget Funerals: A Quick Guide

Funeral planning is a taboo for most people. It is a topic only a few are open to discussion even when a person is on her deathbed. But most people have realised the importance of getting a memorial plan even when they are still young to avoid spending issues when they die. Here a quick guide on budget funerals to avoid leaving your loved ones in debt in the event of your demise:

Choose a Simple Casket

Coffins and caskets can be expensive. To save money, choose a casket or coffin that doesn’t have a gasket and sealers. Make sure to avoid models that have special features like ornamentation and lids as these types of material comes at a higher price.

Consider Cremation

Cremation is less expensive than in-ground burials. This is because you no longer need visitation in funeral homes and other services that you need to arrange for. Moreover, you don’t need to purchase caskets, only urns. Moreover, you don’t have to buy funeral lots since you can keep the urn inside your home.  

However, you must remember that cremation is not for everyone, especially if you are practising any of these religions:

  • Christianity – Christians believe that the deceased should be buried like Jesus Christ. Thus, cremation is not an option.
  • Greek Orthodox – This faith strongly opposes the act of cremation. They believe in the sanctity of the human body even after physical death. Hence, the church refuses funeral rites for members who chose to be cremated.    
  • Judaism – The leaders of this take a strong stance against cremation. They forbid their followers to consider this method on the principle that it burns the body to ashes, which makes the interment of the flesh impossible.

Hire Sydney Funeral Directors

Funeral directors do not just plan your funeral service, they can also help you save money. They will offer packages that reduce the cost. Thus, consult them for your prepaid plan. Ask them if they have low-cost options that will fit your budget.

To learn more about budget funerals in Sydney, feel free to browse online and check if they offer prepaid plans that come at very affordable rates.

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