Five Ways Ortal Is Superior To Wood and Gas

Five Ways Ortal Is Superior To Wood and Gas

Outside the ground is rapidly whitening. Within hours, you see white domes and hills where cars and woodpiles were. You are sharing the view with people you love from the warmth of the living room while enjoying treats and hot drinks. Another toasty snow day with your Ortal electric corner fireplace. You sit back and fully relax knowing you made the right choice.

Here are 5 ways Ortal electric fireplaces eclipse traditional wood and gas fireplaces:

1. No Carbon Fingerprint

Burning logs produce the colorless, odorless gas known as carbon monoxide — lethal in enclosed, non-ventilated areas. Unfortunately, retrofitted fireplace inserts and “clean combustion” wood stoves still produce some of this toxic gas.

Emissions laws are stricter than ever thanks to increased awareness of the damage fossil fuels inflict on the environment. Ortal Electric fireplaces do not emit toxic greenhouse gases. In fact, they have air filters which clean the surrounding air.

2. No Chimney & Flu = No Heat Wasted

Most of the heat from gas and wood burning fireplaces escapes due to combustion sucking as much as 300 cubic feet per minute of heated room air up the chimney. The heat radiated by Ortal electric fireplaces remains in the room.

3. Efficient Heating

Electric fireplaces emit no toxic gases or fumes, so there’s no need for chimneys and 100% of their electrical power is converted to heat. Ortal’s electric fireplaces are equipped with thermostats, providing you with the most efficient heat output possible.

4. Can Warm A Large Area

You can save energy costs and power by warming the rooms you use rather than running your central heating system. The largest Ortal electric fireplaces can warm over 1,000 square feet of enclosed space through zone heating. Gas and wood-burning fireplaces only warm you if you sit directly in front of them.

5. Goes Wherever You Want

Wood burning and gas fireplaces remain under the chimney for as long as a house stands. With Ortal’s electric fireplaces, you have options. Built-in models can be installed in a customized surrounding build, mounted in place of wood-burning fireplaces, or mounted on a wall. Ortal’s standalone fireplace models are portable and can be placed anywhere.

You can always switch to Ortal! 

You can go electric even if you have a wood-burning fireplace.

People in harsh, colder climates in the northeastern and midwestern U.S. have their chimneys capped to block freezing cold air, sleet, and snow. When this is done, an electric fireplace can be installed in place of the old wood or gas one.

Ortal’s Fireplace Collection

From standalone to three-side to corner fireplace models, every Ortal electric fireplace is a visually stunning architectural marvel that adds a unique, luxurious touch to modern space.

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