Weight Loss Update From Houston Bariatric Surgery

Weight Loss Update From Houston Bariatric Surgery

If you are feeling trapped in persistent weight gain cycle despite following numerous diets recommended by specialists, you need a different approach. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) classified persistent weight gain cycle as severe obesity. NIH further recommends bariatric surgery for combating weight gain and severe obesity. Houston bariatric surgery offers state of the art procedures aimed at maintaining weight loss. 

Studies have shown that bariatric surgery coupled with suitable comprehensive treatment procedure is a useful tool for managing and maintaining weight loss. The operation has also shown tremendous results in improving health quality by aiding in resolving other conditions related. The conditions include heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Working Mechanism of Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric surgery achieves weight loss by altering the anatomy of your digestive system. Also, the operation changes the rate of fat metabolism in the body by regulating your energy balance. By modifying your digestive system, the surgery interferes with hormones by reducing the rate of feeling hungry, lowering appetite and increasing satiety. Some of the operations include:
•    Gastric Sleeve
•    Laparoscopic 
•    Gastric bypass
•    Duodenum switch
•    Gastric balloon
•    Aspire Assists
Irrespective of the surgery selected, it is prudent to mention that the procedure is just a technique. Other factors affect weight loss. For instance, diet, change in behavior and exercise.

Dietary Weight Loss versus Bariatric Surgery
Unlike in dietary weight loss, bariatric surgery increases the rate at which the body burns calories thus enhancing energy expenditure.  Some operations have shown exemplary performance in improving the rate of metabolism regardless of body size. This makes the surgery capable of providing a long-term solution through the proper energy balance developed.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery  
Long-Term Weight Loss Technique
Bariatric surgery is the number one long-term weight loss remedy. Most researchers indicate that approximately 90% obese individuals have maintained an average of 50% of excess weight loss.
Reducing Obesity-Related Conditions 
Apart from reducing weight, bariatric surgery helps in resolving conditions related to obesity. The surgery has shown to reduce fatty liver diseases, arthritis, sleep apnea among others. 
Improving Quality of Life
Obesity impacts negativity of quality of life by limiting physical functions. Such features include self-esteem, sexual performance, mobility, work and social interactions. Bariatric surgery brings all these to life-enhancing life.
Low Mortality Rate
Studies demonstrate that obese persons who have undergone bariatric surgery have low chances of dying as compared to those who did not. The surgery has a remarkable mortality rate of 0.3%. 

At Houston Bariatric surgery, we take pride in providing cutting edge procedures with many years of experience in dealing with weight loss management. We have professionally trained and qualified team dedicated to serving you. For more information, please schedule an appointment with us.

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