A Bit of Background on Braces

A Bit of Background on Braces

The clear braces Bowie, Annapolis, Greenbelt, or Crofton/Gambrills locations of Labbe Family Orthodontics offer were not the first types of braces to help improve the appearance and health of the smile. Not by any means. Makeshift attempts at fashioning braces to straighten teeth have been made since ancient times, according to the short history by Wikipedia. The word brace, first meaning arms, originated in the 14th century, but it was not until 1945 or so that the term became widely associated with the wires and bands that hold your teeth in place to direct their growth and improve the bite. There had been some false starts in the journey toward orthodontics much earlier. Pierre Fauchard published the first book about straightening teeth in 1728. John Nutting Farrar wrote another book in the 1800’s which was reportedly the first to suggest using mild force over a long period to make the teeth settle into the proper bite position. We’ve come a long way since then.

These sets of wires and bands were standard for many years. The orthodontist would tighten them up at regular periods to keep the forcing motion in effect, and eventually the teeth were eased into the proper position for a bite that would be better aligned and healthy, good for a lifetime. This was an important health advance for those with crooked teeth. These types of braces are still widely used today.

With the computer age came a variety of other options concerning braces. The computer, and associated technologies, allowed the development of braces that were more pleasing in appearance and functioned differently. Nowadays, you can get braces that are fitted to you by 3D technology, are removable for eating, and require no painful tightening. There are several different types of clear braces that are now made to suit. These are mainly used for teens or adults, due to the faster growing processes of young children. Invisalign braces are largely invisible in your mouth. They gently move your teeth into place as required, and at specified intervals are replaced to further your teeth’s positioning. Ceramic braces are another good cosmetic alternative, although care must be taken to use good dental hygiene.

These advanced technologies allow you to attain and maintain a healthy bite and smile without pain or inconvenience. The professionals at Labbe Family Orthodontics, with over forty combined years of experience, can help you determine whether you need braces and the particular type most suited for you. The clear braces Bowie, Annapolis, Greenbelt, or Crofton/Gambrills locations offer can give you a healthy and happy smile that will last a lifetime. Life is better with a smile!

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