IVF: The Boon of Modern Science

IVF: The Boon of Modern Science

IVF was a rarity just 20 years ago, but now it is one of the most sought-after methods which comes to the rescue of childless couples. Given the fact that India is coping with 20-30 % increase in infertility over the last five years, IVF treatment procedure is a boon to the couples in need. About 45% of urban working women are at the highest risk. IVF offers a chance for conception and a healthy pregnancy.  IVF centre in India offers IVF services.

Determinants of the success of IVF

The female’s age

The most decisive factor in the success of IVF is the age of the woman. The women between 24 and 34 are at the peak of their reproductive age. Consequently, the success rate of IVF is also higher in the above age group. The fertility starts dipping at the age of 31 and hits the lowest point at 45. An older woman going for IVF is also at a higher risk of miscarriage and stillbirth. We are talking only about the dip in the number of eggs produced. But the quality of the eggs also deteriorates with age.

Donor Eggs

If the woman is above 40, it will be wiser to use eggs from a donor who is in her peak fertility years. This also increases the success of live birth to up to 55%.

The IVF Clinic

Although many people overlook the choice of the infertility clinic, it also plays a crucial role. People are bound to stick to the cheaper options but it is best to opt for the IVF clinics with proper infrastructure, latest techniques, and proven track record. If the success rate is 40%, it is quite high and a rate of 25-30% is considered normal. An important point to be noted is that first attempt might not spell success for the couple and a couple of rounds more are normal. IVF treatment cost in India varies according to the clinic.

Chances of successful conception

The chances of a successful pregnancy from IVF are 36%. The chances of live birth are 30 %.

History of previous pregnancy

If the concerned woman has conceived prior with the IVF treatment, her chances of becoming a mother again with IVF increases.

Health and lifestyle

Women who smoke and are overweight have to curb their bad habits to improve their chances of conceiving. True, smoking men have a problem in impregnating their partners but the women smokers are more affected by the tobacco stick. Women smokers will have to leave the habit a good three months prior to the IVF treatment

The actual problem

If the conception has failed to occur due to endometriosis, the woman has 81 to 84% chances of conceiving. If the blockage of the male tube is the reason, then after treatment, the chance of conception rises to 40% within one and a half years of treatment.

Ray of Hope

Infertility comes with a lot of stress and repeated IVF can also cause anxiety. Don’t give, even if you are 40. Who knows, you might become a mother to a smiling cherub soon! Don’t stop trying, stop worrying.

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