Get help and repair for all types of vehicles

Get help and repair for all types of vehicles

If your car’s engine stops or your car meets with an accident in Phoenix, then it is very difficult to find the towing service. You will find a number of body shop phoenix that provide you the help when you are in trouble. You just need to call them and they are ready to help you out in any condition. They are also experts in repairing collision of the car and enjoy helping the customers in their rough situation. They provide various types of services for all types of vehicles like towing your vehicle, dent repairing, post-repair inspection and many more.

Types of towing services available

  • Light and medium towing – this service is used for moving cars of light-weight. In this type of towing, only small trucks are used for towing. You can call the towing service when your car engine suddenly stops or your car has locked. If you need to call this service, they will tow your car to the nearest service station or to your home. It is specifically for small cars.
  • Wheel lift towing – this type of towing service is most suitable for light duty trucks and RVs. They use under reach towing tools together with the harness instead of chains that keeps your vehicle secure until you can reach where you want to go.
  • Flatbed towing – this type of towing is not used for stalled cars, but it is for luxury and new cars. As the name suggests, it provides a flatbed where the cars help to move. The new and luxury cars are towed to the showrooms with the help of flatbed towing rather than driving on the road.
  • Heavy duty towing – this type of towing is used for transporting heavy vehicles such as trucks and Lorries. If anyone wants to move these vehicles, heavy safety equipment is used for lifting the vehicles and put them in truck. This is specialized towing because of the complications involved in the process.
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