Hand dumbbell exercises. Common mistakes and their solutions

Hand dumbbell exercises. Common mistakes and their solutions

Dumbbells – this is the most common accessory used in the hall and at home for power

Dumbbells are the most common accessory used in the gym and at home for strength training. And even more, dumbbells of different weights are suitable for different loads, so that they can be used by advanced athletes and beginners. This is a great tool to build your arms, so exercises with dumbbells for the hands are very popular. In addition, they are quite cheap, many buy them for homework and are satisfied. After all, there are also composite dumbbells with pancakes, the weight of which can be changed at will and need. But before you start practicing, you need to know about typical mistakes and how to solve them.

The use of the same dumbbells for different movements

You may ask, what is bad here? Everything is very simple – not all muscles have the same strength. When you lift too little weight, you do not get the desired effect for your muscles, and too heavy dumbbells can cause muscle stretching or other injury.

Solution: to achieve maximum effect for all muscles, use different weights. For example, you can buy a set of different weights and gradually change weights as you grow physically. The optimal and the right weight for the Buying Steroids with Shipping is the one where the muscles feel tired after 8-12 repetitions. If you adhere to this rule, you will surely achieve the desired effect.

Excessive constriction

To fully focus on the correct implementation of the exercises, you do not need to strain, but rather you need to relax your body. This will allow you to do exercises with dumbbells for the arms in the correct position avoiding potential injuries.

Solution: when doing strength exercises, do not strain your muscles too much. For example, when working with triceps, doing flexion-extension of the arms in an inclination, you do not need to pinch your shoulders, strain the muscles of the buttocks or tightly compress the dumbbells with your hands.

Uncontrolled, automatic exercise

Carrying out your favorite training program it is extremely easy to get into the usual wave and not to trace your movements. Raising or lowering dumbbells too quickly, you do not use all the capabilities of the muscles, just wasting, thus, your time.

Solution: try to do the exercises slowly. In addition, try changing the speed a bit, for example, lifting dumbbells about 4 and lowering to the count of 8. Control and monitor the movements to the maximum, so that you always do them correctly to achieve the maximum effect. Successful, productive classes for you! The following videos will also help you in this matter:

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