Legacy Chapel Funeral Home and Crematory

Legacy Chapel Funeral Home and Crematory

Legacy chapel funeral home and crematory, located in Madison, Alabama is dedicated in serving the community of Madison and Huntsville by taking care of funeral and crematory services on behalf of the community members who have recently lost their loved ones.

The Legacy chapel funeral home and crematory offers the members of Madison and Huntsville communities various funeral related services such as embalming, preparation of the deceased body for display, renting of hearse, cremation, memorial service, immediate burial, forwarding or receiving remains from another funeral home, providing caskets and urns etc.

An unique aspect about the Legacy chapel is plan your own funeral wherein people can plan and make their own funeral arrangements while they are still alive, which takes a lot of stress of decision making and financial expenditure off the grieving family members as most of the decisions have already being made and expenses have also being taken care of by the deceased. It also allows them the deceased to lock current rates so as to save their families the financial expenditure at higher future rates and allows the deceased to leave the world in the manner they desire.

The legacy chapels undertakes community outreach programs which include grief support and free educations seminars for the community of Madison and Huntsville.Legacy chapel has excellent facilities to conduct funeral services with a 250 seater chapel, stained glass windows with LED backlit, gathering rooms, children’s area, a viewing room for closure etc. Legacy chapels also allows friends and families to send sympathy flowers to the graves of the recently deceased.

Legacy chapels accepts cash, personal checks, debit and credit cards and insurance policies and  is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and remains open on holidays as well.

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