Planning a Community Event? Crowdfund to Make It a Success!

Planning a Community Event? Crowdfund to Make It a Success!

You don’t want to settle when it comes to planning community events. You’re ambitious and want to pull off a massive, impact ful event that people will remember. And you can! The depth of your pocket doesn’t matter. And the way to go is not to simply register and sell tickets on an event-specific ticket website.

The ideal solution? Crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding has played a huge role in driving countless causes around the world to a great extent. Nonprofits, organizations, patients, individuals and communities have been empowered by crowdfunding platforms to access donors from around the world to help make their projects a reality. The case is no different for organizing events.

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Why you should crowdfund for your event

Perks and rewards: A traditional events platform that lets you sell tickets won’t give you the limitless perks a crowdfunding website will. Campaigners can offer rewards like shirts, DVDs, VIP passes and more for donations made.

Build a fanbase: If you’re organizing an event related to a specific product or service you’re running, you’re obviously looking to build a larger audience and customer base. What may surprise you is that crowdfunding for the event itself will be effective in doing that. Such a platform will provide a space to tell your story.

Get noticed by sponsors: The better your crowdfunding campaign does and the more audience it reaches and engages, the higher are your chances for attracting sponsors! The buzz you can potentially create on social media could be your ticket to landing a great sponsor.

Tips on running a crowdfunding campaign for a successful event

Start early. Plan your event well in advance so you can start a fundraiser immediately. Get your lineup of speakers and other programmes confirmed in advance.

Tie up with media. Whether those are influencers on Twitter or a news website, try to get people and institutions with large followings on social media to talk about your event.

Be prompt with your promises. When you’re promising a T-shirt or a social media shoutout, be prompt in delivering these rewards. Don’t wait for donors to ask you.

Be regular with updates. Post updates consistently on all of your social media channels to keep donors and interested people in the loop.

Expect last minute sales. You may be planning to run a month-long campaign three months in advance, but you can expect to extend it to your event day as a large part of sales tend to happen closer to the day of your event.

Happy Crowdfunding!

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