All You Should Know About An IT Consultant

All You Should Know About An IT Consultant

A technological task, whether the development and implementation of a complete installation or the creation of a program, requires not only the participation of the programmer, the analyst or the technician but also, in a more original state of the project, the consultant figure.

The IT consultant is a consultant specialized in technology. As the name “consultant” indicates, is a character who is asked for advice on the project, from the idea to its realization, accompanying the entire process.

In fact, the consultant is much more than a mere counselor, but we could say that the definition given is the “encyclopedic” definition of the term. And more so today, since the consultant currently performs tasks that previously fell exclusively on other profiles, such as programming (or, at least, part of it).

The profile of the consultant must be that of an expert knowledgeable not only of the technologies with which he deals but also of the model or business models of his clients which is very important to the success of the business.

The first step of a consultant’s work is to understand the client’s need and its objective, that is, empathize, understand and assume. This requires more patience and empathy than proper technical knowledge.

Then, once the consultant is inside the client’s skin and understands the problem, the consultant uses one of the multiple existing methodologies to create a solution tailored to the client.Although he may also recommend changes in some of the processes and procedures that the client did not foresee, it should be carried out that way because as long as the independence is there, he will work better.

A consultant is independent and truthful to his client because the idea is not to bring to the table the most expensive solution, but the one that best meets the need of their client.

In this sense, many large companies, corporations, and multinationals entrust the task of consulting (the diagnostic phase and planning of the new system) to a company specialized in this aspect, while the materialization of the project is carried out by one or several third parties. Parties, that is, companies specialized in the implementation of the solutions.

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