The Ultimate Buying Guide For Gymnastics Leotards

The Ultimate Buying Guide For Gymnastics Leotards

Is your daughter interested in joining the gymnastics class for the first time? Has your adorable daughter been asked to join the pre-team? Well, this is a proud moment for you as a parent. As a first-time gymnastic mom or dad, you have a difficult task ahead of you to select the right gymnastic leotards.

Today, shopping for an item is not easy. There are thousands of options available in the store– both physical and online. These products are available in different sizes, colors, and quality. Shopping for gymnastic leotards can mean the difference between your daughter having fun and being comfortable at the gym to being embarrassed.

 It is therefore essential as a parent to shop for the right product the first time. To help you on this journey, we have compiled a simple guide. Read on!

Fabric type

The very first thing you need to know is that not every material used in making gymnastics leotard stretches. For example, a metallic fabric does not stretch, and as a result, it may be problematic to a kid who has sensory problems. If the above option is not for you, try Lycra. The elastic polyurethane fabric is designed for close fitting sports clothing. Other materials to consider include spandex and velour.


Majority of moms shop for gymnastics leotards online. However, to ensure that your daughter has the right size, it is advisable that you try fitting at a local facility. Even if you do not buy from the local store, it will give you an idea of the required measurements.

When shopping online, take your time to browse the available products. Size does differ between brands. Here is what you need to measure — chest, waist, girth, and hips. Checking size beforehand eliminates the need for adjustments later.


Yes, you will find gymnastics leotards designed with Lycra which means they can stretch. This does not mean that you should buy a product designed for a 10-year old and dress your teenage daughter. Considering the age of your daughter ensures that you are able to dress her in a garment that fits. As a result, not only will she be comfortable when engaging in the sport, but also have fun and experience flexibility.

Kid-friendly design

Well, as a parent, you need to understand that your daughter can choose a design that pleases her. Thus, consider kid-friendly designs that your kid also approves.


Price is a major factor that never misses out on any buying guide. At the end of the day, each product is assigned a value that must be settled before taking the product home. Thus, remember that cheap is expensive and expensive products don’t equal high quality at all times. 

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