What Happens After I Hire a Bail Bondsman?

What Happens After I Hire a Bail Bondsman?

A Bail Bondsman is your best asset in the event of an unexpected visit to the jail. When you apply for bail, you are required to sign a testament stating that you will have to appear at a court later to attend the hearing. The amount of the bail is often decided by the court depending upon the charges involved. Sometimes, the amount levied in this agreement or bail bond is beyond your immediate capacity to pay. This is where the bail bondsman comes in handy.

Providing financial assistance, anytime, anywhere:

Commercial bail bonds is a standing security agreement between the bondsman and the local state authorities. As per this, the accused will appear in court against a financial transaction done by the bondsman on behalf of the accused of bail purpose. In the event, if the accused fails to appear in court on the stipulated date and time, the bondsman is authorized to take relevant action to bring the accused to the jurisdiction of the court. Many people have filed complaints against the ‘questionable approach’ of bondsmen in the wake of finding absconding defendants. Hence their validation as a legal service is still awaited in cities like Illinois, Kentucky, Oregon, and Wisconsin. In LA, Hugh Knotts Bail Bonds have the reputation of providing bail in theshortest time frame

How it all works

Generally, Bondsmen have a system of imposing “irrevocable” blanket bonds on the defendant who fails to appear in the court. In such a situation, the defendant may forfeit his/her property and/or any bank accounts registered under his/her SSID. In other words, A bondsman is your best friend in times of need. But crossing him/her will make him/her an enemy!

On the bright side, associating with a bond agent will provide you with a much needed legal assistance such as hiring the right law firm, streamlining the litigation process at the district appellate court and documentation required for the proceedings.

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