What factor should you consider while having permanent eyeliner?

What factor should you consider while having permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner or temporary eyeliner, often known as an eyeliner tattoo, is a technique that can help you stop using eyeliner every day. Permanent eyeliner can be produced by tattooing ink down the lash line to mimic the appearance of eyeliner. To keep it appearing new, reapply the ink around every three to five years. Eyeliner tattoos may be applied in various ways, from skinny and natural-looking liner to more muscular lines and even winged eyeliner tattoos.

Ton demonstrates to her clients through a design process which styles go well with their eye shapes. Before making a permanent change for Permanent eyeliner, she likes to begin with a less-permanent lash line augmentation as a trial run for a new look. “If you’re just starting started, I recommend the lash line improvement liner. It’s a staple, in my opinion, and it’s suitable for those who want to go natural before committing to a more classic, thicker-looking winged style.” Makeup artist Ton suggests using winged eyeliner to help your eyeliner stand out more from the rest of your makeup look. “One of my favorite eye makeup looks for someone who wears eye makeup regularly is the traditional winged eyeliner because it gives the eyes a little lift. You may always start simple and add to your collection of touch-ups as you go while getting them.”

An eyeliner tattoo has numerous benefits, including the ability to eliminate the need for eyeliner application (if you use it frequently as part of your cosmetic regimen) and the ability to enhance the form of your eyes. The treatment also has a shelf life of two to five years before it has to be touched up, which is rather long in the realm of cosmetic procedures. Finally, because this procedure doesn’t require eyelashes, it’s a frequent treatment for those with sparse lashes, hair loss, or alopecia who want to improve their eye area.

Permanent eyeliner Tattoo Consultation Preparation Guidelines

Make an appointment with a competent technician to discuss your options and learn more about permanent eyeliner if you consider having it done. The eyeliner comes in several styles, so pick the one that best matches your face shape before continuing with the operation. Bring in pictures that inspire you when you can.

Allow a whole week to pass before your consultation to avoid irritation from skin care products that include retinol or glycolic acid (both of which are known skin sensitizers). You must arrive at your session with clean skin that’s free of any makeup. Many artists advise not consuming coffee (or any other caffeinated beverage) the day before your treatment to help you relax and prevent twitching.

It takes around two to three weeks for the color to fade gradually after receiving a Permanent eyeliner tattoo. If the skin around your eyelashes is susceptible, try using Vaseline 1-2 times daily for a week to keep it moisturized and avoid any additional discomfort. It’s best to avoid using eye makeup and touching your eyes unless you’re entirely comfortable with it.

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