What You Need to Know about Pearl Sizing?

What You Need to Know about Pearl Sizing?

Pearls have been a popular gem stone sold in millions worldwide. While buying pearls there are multiple factors to consider by every customer. Pearl size is one such factor determining its quality, price and suitability to be used in ornaments. To choose the right pearls to buy you need to have detail information about pearl sizing to pay the correct price.

Few lines on pearl sizing –

  • 6 mm to 7mm pearls

There are favorites of young women of medium height. They are normal size pearls versatile to be used in earring, rings and pendants. The main kind of pearls available in this size vastly is Akoya pearls and Freshwater pearls.

  • 7mm to 8mm

This size of pearls is the most popular size marketed highly as it is suitable to be worn with any kind of dress on different occasions and is quite affordable. Mostly stringed together in single or long stands of pearl necklace. They don’t weigh more like large size pearls, thus suitable to worn every day.

  • 8mm to 9mm

Mostly preferred by middle age women and ladies preferring to wear fashionable jewelry. The pearls are costlier compare to the smaller size pearls however available abundantly. They are classic like the Jacqueline Kennedy’s pearls. It is an ideal size to be embedded in delicately designed pendant necklaces and to be stringed in two strand pearl necklace.

  • 9mm to 10mm

Quite expensive thus you will find it with collector of gemstones or adorn by wealthy ladies. This stunning Akoya pearls or freshwater pearls will surely gain attention and aid in making you look beautiful.

  • 10mm to 11mm

They are quite large pearls mainly chosen from Freshwater, Tahitian and South Sea pearls. These glamorous pearls can be singly set up in rings, earrings and pendants.

The size of the pearl decided to buy largely depends upon your budget and preference. For right guidance you can ask your trusted jeweler or know in detail about pearl sizes from online sources like pearlsonly.com. In such creditable online sites, you can even buy pearls of your desired size without any issue. The marketer will strive to sell quality pearls at reasonable price to their worldwide customers.


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