What Is A Social Network?

What Is A Social Network?

In the virtual world, social networks are known as connections between people or companies that share common interests and values. These connections are made on digital platforms.

Purposes Of Social Networks

The primary purpose of social networks is to connect people; however, each social network has its particularity and difference like twitter to schedule your twitter posts. Therefore, below I will describe the purposes of each of them. Still, for now, social media are indispensable tools to interact with your customers and authenticate your brand. This new form of relationship that digital platforms have created between companies and customers is breathtaking. Therefore, consumers now know more about the company or business on the internet through social networks.

The main social networks and their purposes (Facebook and LinkedIn)


Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with more than 2.234 billion users worldwide. Facebook is the complete digital platform because it has many features; it serves to meet people, generate business, share content, inform, and relate to friends. For any company that invests in digital marketing, it is practically impossible not to have Facebook as its ally. Using this social network in your marketing strategy will make it possible to get to know your potential customers better through the information they have in their profiles and their behavior on this network.

Facebook is one of the main ways to promote your products and services to your target audience through sponsored links. This is interesting because Facebook provides reports on how your company’s page has stood out, such as: What was the reach of your ad and how your customers have interacted with the page. Can you imagine that your potential customer is possible on this social network? And that your main competitor has taken advantage of this same social network to take your company a step further? If you have so far used personal Facebook to promote your services, let me warn you that this is not the best way to succeed in this social network. It is necessary to create a company profile, that is, a page because the page has many other options that the normal profile does not have.


LinkedIn is the largest corporate social network in the world; it was created precisely to connect professionals. Currently, LinkedIn is the primary business tool. To give you an idea, LinkedIn has more than 605 million users worldwide. The particularity of this social network, unlike the others, is that when people go to LinkedIn, they are aware that it is a business place. If your market is B2B, this social network is essential for your entire marketing strategy.

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