Cheap Bongs and Accessories

Cheap Bongs and Accessories

For anybody that’s just recently discovered the joys of smoking cannabis, there’s a whole world of knowledge to get familiar with. I remember when I first started enjoying a sesh here and there with my friends, I found the thought of somehow having to obtain my own pot one day quite daunting. When I was first offered a pipe, I had no clue what to do with it until I was shown, and for the longest time I had no idea what a grinder was, let alone how to roll my own joint. Any new stoner needs a friend to show him the ropes of all this kind of stuff, as well as somewhere to go shopping for cheap bongs and accessories. When you’ve started to learn about the different strains that are better for different situations, and you’ve been acquainted with how to smoke a bong and a pipe, if you see yourself continuing the habit at home on your own, there’s a few things that are worth picking up.

I remember when I was newly becoming interested in this stuff, I had a ton of fun going to downtown Montreal to shop around for everything I’d need. Let alone cheap bongs, pipes, and grinders, I came out with way more stuff than I thought I was going to buy. I left the city that day with a huge bag full of goodies, and for anybody wondering what sort of stuff to get their hands on at the start of their marijuana journey, here’s some of the most handy things I got that day.

First of all go ahead and look around for papers and filters. Head shops usually provide lots of different flavors and sizes, so you’ll likely find something you like and stick with. If you want to start using other methods of smoking besides joints, it’s smart to stick to cheap pipes and bongs at first. Take them home and see how often you actually end up using them, then in the future go get yourself something a bit nicer if you like. If you do get a bong though, you can’t go wrong with dropping another couple dollars on some hemp wick. It’s a long thin string of wound hemp covered in a wax finish which you can use as a wick to light your bowls to avoid that nasty butane taste from most lighters. Lastly, I remember getting a really cool electric lighter which worked great in the wind and rain, so that’s one more thing to seriously consider if you don’t have the luxury of smoking inside.

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