How to Take Care Of Your Precious Cowhide Rugs

How to Take Care Of Your Precious Cowhide Rugs

Over the years, the use of cowhide rugs for interior decoration has made a dramatic comeback and for a good reason. These rugs are exceptionally elegant and stylish, capable of creating an inviting, yet casual atmosphere in any home or cabin. Just like any other carpets, however, cowhide rugs do require some level of care to not only prolong their lifespan but also maintain their appearance. Here are surefire tricks for conserving your precious cowhide rugs.

Careful Placement

After you buy cowhide rug online, you need to know how to place it correctly. Whether you are planning to decorate your sitting room, bedroom or office, ensure that your cowhide rug isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. Excessive exposure to direct sun rays can cause the natural markings and color of your precious cowhide rug to fade. If this is unavoidable, you will want to close the blinds when going out of the office or house.

Also, while cowhide rugs create a welcoming atmosphere, they shouldn’t be placed near the doorstep for prolonged periods. This is because excessive foot traffic will cause untimely wear and tear, which will, in turn, affect its aesthetics adversely. Instead, buy an extra cowhide rug online and rotate the two pieces periodically. Moreover, humid environments are not recommended for your carpet; too much moisture can weaken the hide, thus making it stiffen and eventually crack.

Effective Cleaning

The best way to eradicate the dirt and dust from your cowhide rug is thorough vacuuming. This process is best accomplished using a brush attachment, which will help to get deep into the fibers. While at it, ensure to run your brush in the same direction of the natural fur. When a more in-depth cleaning is required, never soak your rug as this will cause permanent damage. Instead, you should use a steam cleaner especially when your carpet is filthy. Also, rather than using alkaline cleansers, consider using leather soaps or baby shampoos when you require deep cleaning a specific section of your rug.

Appropriate Storage

When looking to store your cowhide rug, you shouldn’t just fold it up and throw it in a closet. Instead, it’s recommended that you roll it up and place it somewhere cool and dry. Ideally, you should put it in a box and store it away from direct sunlight.

In the past few years, cowhide rugs have gained rapid popularity, especially in the interior decoration mainstream. These rugs create a welcoming atmosphere in your home while also providing a soft, smooth place for you to walk on or place your feet. However, before you buy cowhide rug online from TrendCarpet, it would be prudent to learn how to position, clean and store it properly.

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