Interstate moving: tips for planning moving between states

Interstate moving: tips for planning moving between states
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Interstate relocation is a modality of residential relocation that involves moving your household belongings to a city in another state. Although this type of service may seem complex and expensive, there are some tips that will ensure a smoother, more comfortable and cost-effective experience for you. From packaging of your belongings, loading and unloading them, to transporting vehicles, a professional shipping company is needed.

Shared transport for interstate transfers

When you have few items or your move is relatively small, it is possible to split the truck load with other clients of the contracted company. This modality is recommended for interstate transfers to large cities. On the other hand, if you don’t want to mix things up and want more personalized services, the idea is to hire a carrier that is affordable. No matter the situation, you can hire the services form Shiply, the best place to search for shipping jobs. There are thousands of shipping jobs posted on Shiply, according to your budget, and needs. Just search with the right keyword, get instant online quotes and finalize the deal.

Interstate Change Locator

Although the service is not as complex as you think, a change like this requires extra care with security.  Therefore, it is ideal to hire companies that offer a real-time change locator. The system works very similar to a mail order tracker. When initiating the interstate move, the service team will provide a code or periodically send you the location of your move. As the journey can often be long and time-consuming, this monitoring will help you to know exactly where the truck with your change is. 

Invest in good insurance

Another important point is the insurance of your move. Unfortunately, there have been cases of cargo theft, accidents and roads in terrible condition. Therefore, all these factors can contribute to a great unforeseen event during the transport of your belongings. Shipping companies are very attentive to these points and strive hard to offer the safest conditions for customers. Among the most common measures are the fact of not traveling at night or on unknown highways, use of trackers, partnership with support points and supply on the main roads.

Good packaging makes a difference

First of all, it is a tip for any kind of change. Going to a new house, whether on the same street or in another state, involves transporting furniture and personal belongings by stairs, elevators and then inside the hired company’s truck. Definitely, no matter how attentive and professional the moving team may be, it is possible that unforeseen events will happen and that beautiful piece of furniture that you love so much will end up scratched. Thus, it is necessary to invest in a company that makes good packaging for change, to avoid this sad scenario. Therefore, prefer resistant bubble wrap, stretch film for moving, protective cardboard and boxes.

Plan the arrival day of your move

This is an often overlooked point when planning your move between states. Although it seems logical, many people who move to condominiums forget that they have time restrictions for moving. Definitely, the idea is not to disturb the neighbors with the noise. So, plan well for your change to arrive in the morning during the week.

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